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I love smiling.  There is always something you can find to be happy about. Be it the weather, a new purchase or even the parking lot attendant saying good morning to you. There is good in everywhere you go. 

I'm born and raised in Vancouver, beautiful British Columbia though I did attend school in Hong Kong from kindergarten to grade one.  Growing up, I had the atypical family so I've learned to appreciate what I have and work towards what I missed. 

My ideal vacation would consist of tons of planning. I love planning for anything and I can see myself wandering about in parts of Europe or Asia and trying different cuisines and experiencing different culture. Grilled crickets anyone? 

I'm really just your average girl, who loves finding knick knacks from random stores and traveling. I've always lived by one rule, live in the life your in, not in the life of your friends and to only compare with the yesterday.

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