Sunday, October 19

In real life, #IRL

Since when did the characters "IRL" become an actual term, where we would #IRL. 

Isn't life real?
Don't we all exist?
Shouldn't we be in real life? 

The Multi-tasker. 

I feel that nowadays, we are all "online" that our connections with others are all virtually established. We find out about people's lives through Facebook and Instagram and comment on them through various online channels, be it IM or social media. We don't actually live in real life anymore where messages get lost because we are communicating with 5 people at a time and "multi tasking". When are we every solely just talking to one person without flipping through apps? It happens but it's rare nowadays.

One spectrum.

What I also want to address is we how spend so much time displaying our life on social media.  Yes, I used the word, display because there isn't a need  to actually post the luxe dining experience, the stunning trips and the amazing purchases. If we are genuinely sharing our lives, we would show everything in between. 

Lost in translations.

When messages are delivered through the internet, there are often a lot of misinterpretations because the voice and tone is not in the words of the giver but in the minds of the receiver.  By being online, we let our minds wander into places that promote negativity because of how our society has coloured our views. Our society is promoted by negativity because it stirs conversations and peaks interest. The media always broadcasts the dirty secrets of celebrities, the controversial topics, the drug abuses because our society is driven by negativity. No one wants to hear about how Jessica Alba started a company that sells chemical free home products or how ALS is doing great with all of the awareness it raised but no one "online" likes to talk about the benefits because sad to say, positive news is not good news. 

If this year, we can turn this around. Start talking to people, start asking questions in real life, give others the benefit of the doubt and be interested in the good, I think it'll make our society a much better place to be in. 

*Disclaimer: Please, no negative comments on my blog, as I'm not trying to offend anyone in any way. If you did think of this as an offensive post, refer back to my lost in translations section above.

Thanks everyone or those who read my blog :) This was never a place for me to "make it big", simply just sharing the bits and pieces that I've learnt so far and perhaps 30 years later, I'll disagree with myself!

Take care :)

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