Friday, September 19

Never doubt yourself

Why hello there! I'm back with a quick post and update. (I wonder who reads my blog but hey, you may find this post a bit inspiring). A few weeks back, I met up with an old friend and he shed a bit of light on me and I would love to share this with all of you as well.

100 Ways to Say No

We are humans are so good at making excuses for ourselves. How many times have we said, "Oh no, I need to work overtime" "I have to do homework" or "It's raining" or "But if I do this, it'll be hard on others". We can come up with a hundred reason to not to something but why not just give yourself one reason to do it. Everyday goes by whether you like it or not so stop saying no, and start saying yes! Make your life worth living. 

Because You're the Missing Piece

I was given a puzzle piece during my coffee meet and he said this to me:

Friend: "So, what does this puzzle mean?" 
Me: "That I'm a part of something." (At the time, I was thinking oh yes, the typical puzzle piece, how I'm a part of something)
Friend: "What about the other side?"
Me: "Other side?"
Friend: "That the puzzle won't ever be complete without you"

We Only Have A Very Small Impact On Others 

Often times, as humans we like to think we are thinking for the betterment of others. But there really isn't ever a time when we are actually sacrificing ourselves for the better of others. We like to think we are giving up something but in reality, we're not. We can all live independently without each other and quite frankly, we would all do just fine

Imagine putting your fist in a bucket of water, what happens when you pull your fist back out?
Absolutely nothing. As sad as it seems, it's right. We often like to think we have more impact than there really is, telling ourselves we are needed, we are a must

Where I'm Getting At

What I'm trying to say is, do what you love. Don't think about how people will see you, stop making excuses for yourself, stop thinking you don't belong and most importantly do not oversell your importance and learn to hear and see at face value. 

Be modest, be genuine and do what you love. It's taken me a long time to learn these few lessons and I'm still on training wheels but I'm trying to move in the direction that makes me happy. 

And to finally, live for myself and my own happiness. 

Take care everyone!



  1. Aww this was so inspirational. Thanks for sharing!
    Raincouver Beauty

    1. Thanks Angela!! :) I don't check this very often but I'll try to keep up with this :)

  2. Hey Grace! It was nice to see you on my blog again. Yes, I know we are still pretty much around on Instagram but the connection on blogs is a lot deeper with more time spent on engaging rather than simply like like like on Instagram.

    Whatever you've shared is inspiring and I've heard and experienced them before except "We Only Have A Very Small Impact On Others". I tend to think that my sacrifice for others is big but come to think of it, when you see it in another perspective, sometimes it really isn't anything at all. It reminds me of the gnat and bull story.

    Grace! You always go poof and I'm glad that you're still posting on Instagram! It's so cute how so many of you admitted to having such blogging behaviour at the start. I couldn't imagine the initial part since I knew most of you as being really sweet and sincere. Did you think I would strangle yo if you said "great post" w/o explaining that you really meant it. Hehehe...

    Jo's Jumbled Jardinière

  3. This post is so true and I especially love the puzzle piece part. It's true that sometimes we think that everyone will judge us for our actions but if we live according to other people's values, we'll never be happy. That's why you really have nothing to lose when you follow your heart :)


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