Monday, June 30

On being skinny

This is a little bit about me and my personal life. I rarely write posts like this but I thought of sharing this to give a bit of insight to how being "skinny" for a girl really is like. You may also learn a few things about "skinny" people as well.

The world sees skinny as the "ideal image". To have a skinny body, skinny legs, tiny waist is what is considered pretty. For some women out there, they strive for this look which is fine but I'm not here to talk about slimming down to meet the "ideal image" of pretty because what is pretty to you is different for others. I'm here to share with you what being "skinny" is like... for my entire life. 

Growing up, I've always been skinny. It's not as glamorous as you might think. I get a lot of comments like:
  • Wow, you're so skinny!
  • You're just like Twiggy 
  • Do you eat?
  • Can you eat more?
  • You're going to get blown away
  • You're so skinny, eat more
Are those remarks compliments?  Let's look at the flip side.
  • Wow, you're so fat!
  • You're just like a pig
  • You eat a lot?
  • Can you eat less?
  • You're gaining a few pounds no?
  • You're so fat, eat less
When we turn things around to the other extreme, it's seen as being rude and mean. Skinny and fat is just the same. Skinny is no better than being fat, we are in fact the same. We each have our struggles in life to stay healthy. 

Being slim has it's concerns:
  • Health Issues: Being a slim girl, we have our health issues. We are often diagnosed with low iron in our blood stream and this leads to fainting. It's not pretty collapsing in school.
  • Gaining weight to be healthy is our struggle. To gain weight, we actually can't just eat more. We need a lot of exercise and a good diet. The more we exercise, the more nutrients we absorb and thus, the more weight we can gain. It's nothing worth being proud of when you weigh less than the average 17 year old. For me to gain weight, I run around 6-8 km on average a week, paired with swimming, yoga and weight lifting. The world is balanced, it takes effort for those to lose weight, and it also takes effort to gain weight and guess what, we all have the same goal: to be healthy. 
Before we comment on other's physique, let's just drop that thought entirely and focus on what we can do to make ourselves live a healthier and active life. 

Stay Healthy :)


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  1. Being "skinny" as well, i have gotten those exact same comments my whole life especially people telling me to "eat more" or asking whether I am on a diet all the time. great thoughtful post. :)

  2. I get the same comments too for being skinny!

  3. Hi there,

    Being skinny isn't all that bad! In fact, you're actually quite pretty the way you are.

    I found your blog through your review of Chura Hair Salon. Is Noriko Nakane still around? I have tried visiting her website but it takes me to Selfology Spa's website. I've tried calling but nobody's answering too.

    Also, how much would it roughly cost to have a cut (no colour or perm). I have relatively long hair (covering half of my back).

    You have a very fascinating blog. I've bookmarked it and will check back later for your reply.


    1. Hey!

      Thanks for visiting my blog and for your kind comment. I'll try to keep up with this blog and write more, though perhaps less beauty posts now that I'm trying to use up the products I have.

      Yes, I've been going to Noriko for many many years now and yes, she works at Selfology. She can actually find her via Facebook and send her a facebook message. She's quite responsive on there!

      Her price is now $60 for wash and cut and I've loved her technique ever since going to her and I've follow her to various salons now. She doesn't cut with those thinning scissors so it's good!

      If you make an appointment, you can mention Grace Hui sent you there but i'm not sure if she'll offer a discount but worth a try :)

      Let me know how your cut goes! I always check comments on here.

      Take care!


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