Sunday, September 1

Canadian Denim Deal: J brand, Sevens, Diesel, and more

Act Now!

Going to keep this short and quick! Just received my package from and my jeans have arrived! The process was simple and shipping took about 1.5 weeks but I didn't care because these jeans would've cost me over $250 if I had purchased them at either The Bay or at Aritizia. I saw these same maria jeans on sale for $220 at Aritizia and I snagged them at for $90 after tax and the Diesels for $48!

I purchased the J brand Maria and the Diesel Livier jeggings/leggings, all for $140 CDN including tax and you get free shipping if you purchase over $100 I believe. I'm not too sure if they ship to the US but I wouldn't see why not.  If you are from outside of Quebec, I think you get a little tax cut too because I only had to pay one tax versus 2!

For anyone who is skeptical about this, I can vouch that they are authentic jeans. The website has multiple storefronts in Montreal and all of the jeans are authentic.  I've also went online to authenticate the jeans because I myself was a bit hesitant and yep they are 100% real :) so it's safe to buy!

Promo Code: SX30
Brands on sale: J brand, Diesel, Seven for all mankind, True Religion, Hudson and more.

Just wanted to share this quick deal for you before it's gone and sorry for the blast of blog posts for today!

Cheers and keep on saving! This post was not sponsored at all :) I just found this to be a really good deal but if you know of any others, please share them with me and with anyone else who is interested!


  1. Bummer, I don't live in US nor Canada :c

  2. i love your blog!
    would you mind to follow each other? :)

  3. I don't live in the US or Canada ; n ;
    But you should post pictures of your jeans because I never heard of the jeans brands you we're mentioning but I would love to see what their jeans look like! :O
    and btw, thanks for always visiting my blog! I really appreciate it~♡! :)


  4. Amazing deal!! If I wasn't saving money to put towards moving, I would totally order some J Brands right now!

    In other news, how excited are you for the 3.1 Phillip Lim release at Target this Sunday?? Are you going to be checking it out? I wonder if it'll be crazy like those H&M releases where people wait in line for hours and then ransack the store lol.



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