Tuesday, June 4

A girl's five motivation

Even though, I blog about make up and shopping sprees there are 5 things that keep me together and give me a little bit more focus. I call this post, A girl's five motivation and hopefully you can relate to it too.

1. Every bag as a story (Assets):  Bags are expensive so to make it count and give it a story. Set a goal or a success story behind every bag so that every time you use it, it'll remind you of your accomplishment and your efforts to get you there. For myself, it would be a job promotion or a graduation present. Forget about glancing over the table and checking out that other Prada bag! It's much more meaningful to own one when you've given a meaning to it, rather than to spend your savings 'just because every girl has the neverfull bag'.

2. The natural makeup look (Appearance): Such a contradiction to this look.Instead of trying to achieve the 'natural make up look', go for the natural look. I always say skincare over makeup and one day you can go out in 5 minutes because you can skip the concealer and foundation. Mascara, eyeliner and you are ready to go! Now that is the natural look.

3. Be Knowledgeable (Education): Everything you learn serves it's purpose. (It really does). Being educated not only helps you get a job, but it can give you the foundation to be cautious in the world and school gives you that safe environment to learn your lessons. Also being able to talk about graphic design with a random person is also pretty awesome as well.

4. Work your butt off (Success):  Literally get down to it and work. There are no shortcuts in life (at least it never happened to me). Everything I do, there's work involved, be it for work promotions or this blog.  If it weren't for the efforts at work or the efforts to keep this blog alive and to interact with all of you, I wouldn't still be here :) Thank you guys for commenting and interacting with me! Means a lot :)

5. Be adventurous (The Mind): Your mind can take you places. It really can! Never close yourself off from any positive opportunity because every chance you take, you learn and take away from it. Being open minded also makes you an interesting person.  I'm always thinking of what the next step could be! A wedding planner, an event planner, professional interior designer or even just keeping this little blog alive. Just because you are employed and settled, doesn't mean you're stuck!

Photography: grace (yours truly) at Waterfront, Vancouver 

Thank you everyone who've left a comment and made an effort to follow my blog. Means a lot that someone reads my little blog :) I've made it to 100 followers.

Would love to hear what your motivations are as well!


  1. Congrats on 100 followers! ^_^ This was a really thoughtful post~ I totally agree with everything. If you want it, you gotta work for it :) Though I'm not sure if I can ever go out w/o foundation/concealer :P maybe one day..


  2. Congratulations! :) Love this post!



  3. Congrats!
    Good Post :)

    kisses <3

  4. i totally can relate on you with the bags!! i only buy bags with my vacation trips so that they're more memorable and they have stories~ :D great post dear!

    Click me for my BLOG!

  5. Love number four, lovely post x


  6. I think these are really meaningful motivations. I like the story behind every bag the most. It helps to know that you bought an expensive label for things that you've accomplished. And congrats on hitting 100 followers! It's really easy to hit 100 if one goes round publicizing one's own links and leaving cursory I follow you, you follow me comments. But I know you are not the sort and quite a few in our circle are just like us and hence, we hit our 100 a lot more slowly than the rest. I find it more meaningful to connect with my 100 readers than to have 1000 followers who simply leave one-liners.

    RYC on my instagram snapshots post:
    Have you watched The Great Gatsby already? It’s good to save more money for a bigger trip. You go gal! And my instsgram account is same as my blog name: iamjolene. Hehehe… Hope to see you on instagram! Lemme know yours too.

  7. So true, your motivations are inspirational :) I love finding other bloggers from Vancouver, and congrats on reaching (now over) 100 followers! You just gained a new one here.

    -Flora ♥


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