Tuesday, May 14

Moving moving moving

Been lacking on my posts recently due to moving and re-decorating as well. 
I still don't have a proper computer set up yet 
I've been living off of my laptop for 3 weeks now. 

Mother's Day flowers 
Hiking in North Vancouver - Quarry Rock
fuzzy dog
selfie - jacket : Artizia / Top: topshop

I just received my May 2013 topbox a few days ago and will be revealing it this week! 

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  1. awwh! don't worry, you get back to your blog soon! good luck with the moving!

  2. Good luck with the moving and hope to see you back soon!:D

    1. thanks! I'm back with another post on topbox review.

  3. Dear Grace,
    I like your bolg. I am following via Bloglovin & GFC? Would you like to follow me back via Bloglovin & G+(don't have GFC)? Please visit me:

  4. Lovely pictures Grace :3
    I replied to your comment by the way, I hope I clarified it ^-^

  5. Hope moving goes smoothly for you! Sounds fun though =P That view looks gorgeous and what an adorable doggy! Funny story, I was on campus with my sister the other day and from far I saw this large white dog-like animal and I exclaimed "Look it's a goat!!!" When it just happened to be a large white dog LOL You're look really pretty dear!

  6. Oh my goodness, that picture of Vancouver is GORGEOUS! Lucky girl! I hope you're all moved in and settled now :)


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