Friday, May 17

May Topbox 2013 Review : Regular box, regular expectation

This month, I decided to opt in for the regular Topbox because the prive boxes either required an additional payment or they were repeats of the last few months. For people who have subscribed to Topbox, repeats are really a bummer but if you are new then it's a great opportunity to get those prive boxes since it's back again.

I received the following items: 

Left to right: Benefit Cosmetics POREfessional / Cuccio Colour Nail Lacquer / Yaby Eyeshadow / Lise Watier Lip Gloss
Benefit POREfessional 
(sample 7.5 mL vs full size 22mL $34) - $10 value sample 

I haven't given this a try yet but in the past, benefit cosmetics have done more harm than good given that my skin is very sensitive so I will give this a try. 

Cuccio Colour Nail Lacquer / Shade: so so sofia 
(full size $10 value) 

Honestly when I saw this, my first impression was, "yes! a full size nail polish!" but when I tried it... my thought changed.  I've never heard of this brand so I am coming in with a very honest review.  This is definitely not my favorite nail polish.  

  • Consistency: between thin and goopy
  • Ease of application: semi difficult because of its uneven distribution
  • Coats required: at least 2. 3 to get an even coat
The challenge with this nail polish is getting a even distribution. Most nail polishes nowadays does a fantastic job of having the varnish spread evenly without the user manually trying to get an even coat. With this one, you really need to 'patch up your work'.  

The color I received was a nice creamy color but because it was sort of a yellowy, creamy, color I got tired of it easily because it made me feel boring :( rather than the "elegant" feeling that you're suppose to get. I think partially it's because of the tough time I had with application.

Yaby Eye shadow (full size palettes $127)

one word: smooth! this is probably the smoothest eye shadow I have ever encountered! Great color payoff and the application is a breeze.  I'm not too sure about the price tag but I do think that this is a great eye shadow.  I'm really not much of a dark color eye shadow person on a daily basis so I might end up using this for my brows because it's got a matte finish :) 

Lise Watier Lip Gloss (full size 6 mL at $23) 

Lise Watier Haute Couleur High Coverage Lip Lacquer
The lip gloss is comparable to all other semi-drugstore / low end premium cosmetic brand products. There isn't really anything unique or special about this lip gloss.  The intense color is accurate that the color is very intense, definitely not a sheer gloss.  After eating a meal I can see that the gloss did come off, though expected for a gloss. If this came in a lighter shade then I think I would love it more.

Sad to say but I probably will not purchase any of the item included in this month's topbox. I think I will give topbox two more tries and we'll see how things go! 

Back in my March Topbox, I got to try the L'oreal Mythic Oil and guess what, I actually purchased the full size! Thanks topbox for including the Mythic Oil sample!

Must clean must unpack must get furniture. *pulls hair 


  1. Ohhh I think the nailpolish has a
    nice pastel sweet color! Could it
    be that this nailpolish is 'old'?
    I don't know...
    And also thanks for your sweet


  2. I actually adore the colour of the nudish nail polish but reading what you said, I guess it is a no no. Nude polish definitely needs to run smooth. I can imagine the anguish while applying that polish. I have a light coloured nail polish that runs thick and gooey that I simply got frustrated with it and stopped using it.

  3. great post! sad to hear about the consistency of the nude polish :(

    looking forward to your upcoming posts~!


  4. Oh shame the nail polish isn't too great as it looks lovely! I hope next topbox is a great one!

  5. this might sound really weird, but you have such lovely slender fingers and even prettier shaped nails!
    i really love the colour of the nail polish but shame it was terrible for you

  6. pretty color

  7. I've heard some pretty good things about pore-fessional, but that sucks if you haven't had good experiences before :( The nail color is very pretty even if the application is a pain

    Mili from call me, Maeby

  8. that porefessional looks interesting! I'm in the need of that item lol

  9. I think the nail polish looks gorgeous. It's very classy.
    I have never tried the porefessional either, my skin never seems to work to well with primer.


  10. I got the exact same box as you, same colours even. I did not like the polish after using it and I already gave away the lipgloss to a friend.

  11. I don't think that the nail polish is boring. I think that this colour is really pretty.

  12. Great Lip Gloss ,love the Colour :)

    kisses <3

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  14. ahh bummer that you don't love your box!! sadness.. try putting in a drop or two of nail polish remover to make your nail polish smoother! I hate lumpy nail polish drives me crazy.. but that color looks like it'd be good for spring and summer!

  15. ohmygoodness! You totally should be a hand model. That nail color is gorgeous! I usually don't wear polish much, but am finding that pastel colors have been working really well. This cream/yellow color is fantastic, thanks for sharing!!


  16. that sucks!!! I'm sure there will be better "boxes" out there! :D

    Click me for my Blog!

  17. I just came upon your blog and I must say, I've been to Vancouver thrice over the years and stayed with my ex boyfriend's aunt over at Richmond for a few months during my stay, and I LOVE BC! And I love Benefit POREfessional! They sell it in Sephora here in Singapore for full-sized item at 45sgd? Pretty pricey but Sephora in Canada is way cheaper! x

    I must follow you now :)


  18. At least you didn't pay full price for these products :) I really need to sign up for one of these sampler boxes!

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  20. In reply to your comment,

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  21. Oh really cute of nail polsih sweetie!

  22. I invite you to my blog.

  23. The POREfessional by Benefit is a great product, I hope it doesn't affect your skin in a negative way!

  24. Great post, I really love your blog. Would you like to follow each other? Let me know. Hollie x


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