Tuesday, April 30

Skin that smells good and feels good : Soap & Glory + No7.

I visited Shoppers Drug Mart recently, a drugstore that we have in Canada.  This drugstore carries your major drugstore beauty products as well as ones from the UK.  Though the UK products are pricier than your typical Olay, I do think they are worth the money!

Lately, I've been trying to get clearer, softer looking skin. I've always had the habit of using toner and moisturizer but I knew something was missing so I decided to enter the scrub category to see if it will give me better looking skin. I wanted to get scrubs for my face and body. 

For the face: No.7 Beautiful Skin Facial Scrub

No.7  Beautiful Skin - Exfoliant for Normal to Dry skin 75ml 

This line comes in one for oily and combination skin but mine tends to be dry so I picked this one up. The product smells amazing! I'm not quite sure how to describe the smell but its sort of like a mix of floral and strawberries in a field if that makes any sense.  You can feel the beads and they don't actually pop so you basically wash it away.  After using this product, my skin feels like a baby's bumbum. So Smooth! I'm not sure if this is with all scrubs but I don't think I can ever leave scrubs again. I wouldn't recommend using this for more than twice a week because using it too much might cause dry skin. 

Smell: 5/5 Exellent
Usage: one to twice a week
For sensitive skin: yes
Repurchase: most definitely 

For the Body: Soap & Glory Scrub Actually 

I actually saw this product first on a YouTube channel and thinking hmmm... Maybe it's worth a try and it most definitely is! The smell of this product is just as good as the No.7! It's very sweet and fruity but not too young. ( I wouldn't want to smell like a walking ball of cotton candy)  It definitely leaves your skin moisturized and feeling oh so smooth. In other words, like a baby's bumbum. It's like taking your twenty year old skin and turning it back to 3 :) My words, not the producers'.  Honestly, I love scrubs now. I don't think I can go back to cleansing without them. 

Smell: 5/5 mmm just like a sugar fairy
Usage: once a week 
Repurchase: Yes! 

My love with Shoppers Drug Mart. Honestly, it's my favorite beauty go-to store simply because they carry UK products and I got a 25% off coupon on all regular priced item.  When these coupons come, I hop right on and purchase these UK products because they just rarely go on sale! Sephora is great as a back up but needless to say, SDM's points system is much better than Sephora's!

Does anyone else use scrubs? What are your favorite ones? 


  1. Love a good facial scrub! Thank you for these reviews - will definitely try them out! :)

    <3 Mandy xx

  2. Just perfect, I wanna try. Shall we follow? let me know XSE

  3. I used to love the Soap and Glory body scrub but they stopped selling it at Target so I just gave up on it. :( I know they sell Soap and Glory products at Sephora but it's so limited! Now I just use good ol' honey and sugar. :)
    Anyway, thanks for sharing! I'm love with your blog! Definitely following you now. :)
    Have a wonderful day!

  4. I'm in the market for a new scrub, so I definitely appreciate this. I used to love the scrubs from H20+ but they have disappeared and now I can't find anything I like! I came across your blog and am your newest follower. I would love if you’d visit me at : the daily savant : and (if you like) follow with GFC and Blog Lovin'!

    : signe
    : the daily savant :

  5. I nominated you for the liebster Award!:D

  6. Hi thanks for the comment on my blog. Tho I don't feel like I'm professional enough to do a proper review, so I'd just tell you how I feel about the CC Cream here!
    Well, I personally think it's quite awesome. The texture is very light, it's not overly sticky or anything. Tho you can't expect it to cover all the red spots or pimples like a proper foundation or some thicker BB Cream brands do because the point of this CC Cream is being light. I definitely suggest you to try it if you haven't.


  7. I want to try more No.7 products, currently using their makeup remover wipes and I love it! Haven't tried soap & glory yet but the packaging i already love ^-^


  8. Hi Grace,
    Thanks for your product review. I am thinking to give it a try. And thanks for following me. Keep in connect.


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