Saturday, March 23

'You Can't Sit With Us' & Lancome Doll Lashes Review

Lately, I've been busy with preparing to sell the house so didn't really have a lot of time to write. Over the week, it was actually sunny in Vancouver, we call it suncouver because it's rare that we get this so it really deserves it's own name. 

I've always loved mascaras and I did a short Maybelline The Rocket mascara review last week so I'm going to give the Lancome Doll Lashes a review as well. 

Lancome - Doll Lashes mascara wand 

I think what I love most about this mascara is the wand.  The wide to narrow tip is great for inner corner lashes and also for lashes near the end. This is basically a fail proof wand giving you accuracy and great distribution of mascara on your lashes as well.

Lancome Doll Lashes Mascara - $31 

Droopy asian lashes 
After applying Lancome Doll Lashes 
After Lancome Doll Lashes 

Lengthening: 3/5 (The Rocket > Lancome Doll Lashes)
Volume : 3/5 (Mega Plush > Lancome Doll Lashes )
Separation: 4/5 (Lancome Doll Lashes Mascara > The Rocket)
Asian lashes approved: Yes!

If you are in the hunt for a separating mascara that has a great wand then this is it! 

First Muscle Tee 

Over the work week, I visited Brandy Melville, a small boutique clothing store that was originally based in Los Angeles and now has spread its wings into Canada.   I love the style of clothing they have. It's like Urban Outfitters but better in my opinion because sometimes Urban Outfitter items are just too fancy and I have no idea what to wear it with. Every item in Brandy Melville will match with something in your wardrobe so you don't have to buy another cardigan or jacket to match the top you just bought. That's why I love the store.  Price wise, I think its not too expensive but definitely could be cheaper.

I had to pull the shirt out or else you won't be able to see the entire message. 

Brandy Melville Canada - You Can't Sit With Us Muscle Tee $20 CDN / Necklace: Forever21 $6 CDN

I've been loving Andrew Bayer's music lately.  It's more of like a... contemporary, ambiance mixed in with house type of music. Not good with explaining this so give it a listen and let me know if you like this type of music too!

Update on DIY Felt Kit

If you've been following my blog, then you know I was asking about this bunny thing. For the longest time I had no idea what that needle was for! Until Bubzbeauty came along and made the cute schnauzer felt toy. In case you are all wondering, the needle is for poking the felt basically its to tangle and compress the fluffy felt into your desired shape.

Here is my masterpiece?... It looks more like a pig than a bunny... 

I looked up flights to Las Vegas and say whatttt  $1800 for non-stop round trip from Vancouver? Last time I went it was less than $500 for sure. 

Long weekend is coming up for those of us in North America. Any plans for Easter?


  1. Looking good Grace! i also use Lancome make-up :D and your tee is cool! Yeah same here, also have a long easter weekend! think i'm just take some rest hahah! and you? are you still studying? or working? Reply: no I'm not subscribed to any beautyboxes, because i'm afraid not everything is suitable for me so it's a waste when there are products in the boxes which I don't use hahah and yes my phone is a S3! love this phone haha Android is really nice! everything just works great! Sure you will like it! xx

  2. Hi Grace,

    Thanks for the mascara review. My current one is almost finish so I'll be looking for a new one soon. OMG $1800 to Las vegas? It's at time like this where I feel a little lucky living in San Diego because Las Vegas is only a 4 hour drive.

    I'm trying to find a place with easter hunt near my house, haha. I don't think I'll ever be too old for that. What about you, any plans?

    Have a great day~

    Dawn @

  3. that bunny is too cute. thanks for the lancome mascara review, too. Don't forget to enter my I ♥ Makeup giveaway!

  4. I love your t-shirt! It also reminded me of one that said "on wednesdays we wear pink" lol Mean girls love! (that movie was awesome btw) Did you get the felt doll at Daiso by any chance? I want to try it but I wouldn't know what to do with it afterward = waste lol and 1800$ for flights to Vegas?! That's more than when I was looking up flights to Tokyo!

  5. Awwww! The bunny craft thingy looks cute!
    Really well done to that!


  6. damnn I wish it was nice in toronto... it's been pretty cold lately, but today is really sunny :D! The mascaara loks amazing on you... you look like a doll :P

  7. omgosh i LOVE brandy melville clothing! that tee is soo cute! omgosh your DIY felt looks so cute haha it really does look like a little piggy... i prefer piggies to bunnies anyways :p

  8. I've been curious about the Lancome mascara! Thanks for the review! I am now following you on GFC =) Thanks for visiting my blog!

    Simple Charm Beauty


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