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Maybelline The Rocket Mascara on Asian Lashes Review

Asians like me are not born with long fluffy lashes.  In fact our lashes don't even stay up half the time that they're curled this is why you always spot us wearing false lashes to compensate for this! This will be a daring move, to review a mascara!

I personally love mascaras because I am terrible with putting false lashes on. They either don't sit right or the edge is sticking out. Overall, false lashes and grace together is just a mess!

Maybelline The Rocket Mascara ($5.99 cdn / $5.49 USD) 

I purchased this at Superstore (Loblaws) around 2 months ago when it first launched and that is why I was able to purchase this for below $6. I believe the price now has gone up to even $10.99 which is crazy!
I've loved all of the other Maybelline mascaras, the falsies and the mega plush.  This will be my third Maybelline mascara this year.

I purchased the waterproof one simply because my eyes get a little bit oil as the days go by.

Since this is a mascara review, I decided to not wear any make up at all to show you how the mascara will actually look.

Before mascara: droopy eyelashes (comment if you're suffering from the droopy eye lashes syndrome as well!)

After two coats of Maybelline The Rocket Mascara: You can see that they're really starting to go up! I mean for an Asian this is probably as far as it can go (sad but most likely true).

Side view of eyes after applying Maybelline The Rocket Mascara
They're sticking up :) Shocker!

Lengthening: 4/5 (The Rocket > The Falsies)
Volume : 3/5 (Mega Plush > The Rocket )
Separation: 4/5 (Lancome Doll Eyes Mascara > The Rocket)
Asian lashes approved: Yes!

Overall I think this is a great mascara for the price! I would probably layer the mascaras to get that full look but overall I think this is a great mascara to have in your bag!

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To end this post, here is a photo of my enjoying my day out in the sun though its only 8 degrees here in Vancouver! Of course you can't forget the hashtags. You can follow my life (if you're interested) on Instagram at

What are your favorite mascaras? Has anyone tried Benefit's They're Real? 


  1. Benefit They're Real is pretty amazing on asian lashes, but it dries out so fast... I don't know if it's worth the pricetag :S

  2. Haha asian lashes approved :p I am suffering from the droopy eyelash syndrome too! I love this mascara but I use waterproof and have to curl them first. How dont you have to curl!? Mine would go even droopier if I didnt :(

  3. I used to have droopy lashes and then I started curling them with Shiseido eyelash curler and applying mascara for the past 8 years and now my lashes are longer and doesn't droop down. It is crazy but they are indeed longer. I guess some of the Jap mascara I bought have got lash care ingredients inside.

    I started off with Maybelline too but my oily lids seem to cause even the waterproof ones to smudge on me that I had to resort to Jap brands.

    They have kits? So we could get all the materials needed in that one kit? I was wondering how to go about shopping for the materials. Oooh... could you feature your project too? I would love to take a peek.

  4. i so agree with you on the "asian lashes" mine are like that :( but great review on the product! :)

    My Blog: Caught in a Daze.

  5. You should try the Maybelline Colossal Volum' Express too.. My favorite mascara <3

  6. Hi Grace,

    Thanks for the review! I've never used this mascara before. I use the beautenizer Dfigerwig mascara all the time. Have you tried that? Its a mascara that has a "fake lash" formula inside so it looks very natural when you apply it!

    Dawn @

  7. I was planning to get this mascara since last week, but I ended up getting a body mist. xD Anywho, I'm one of those Asians who don't have long, very fluffy lashes. I constantly have to use fake lashes. My sister was bless to have beautiful thick lashes :( *sigh* Thanks for the review. I'll buy this next time for sure.

  8. I've been using this one as well!


  9. What a great review. Thank you for sharing. This mascara seems very good. Though for me this one is the best mascara for Asian lashes


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