Monday, March 4

Get healthy looking nails with Essie Mademoiselle

Sometimes, getting healthy looking nails can be a challenge and we often use cuticle cream, nail cream, and all these variety of tools to get healthy looking nails. Honestly, most of us don't apply cream to our nails every single day unless you really love your nails that much. For me, I'm the type to simply create an imitated look of gel nails or healthy looking nails with just nail polish.

Essie Mademoiselle - healthy looking nails 


  • essie - all in one base
  • essie - mademoiselle
  • Revlon - clear top coat

Similar to all essie nail polish, the consistency is very thin and with the shade being such a pale pink, I used around 3-4 coats to get these healthy looking nails.  This I've found to be the perfect shade to create these healthy looking nails. Other nail polishes like L'oreal's Sweet Nothing was close but I've found mademoiselle to be the best shade. 
Essie Mademoiselle Swatch 

Don't you just love the name of the nail polish as well? It makes it sound so elegant and pristine. 

What are your favorite nail polish shades? 


  1. i dont have any fav shades
    but i love pastel colours !! :)

    yes, im based in germany, but not berlin.
    berlin is totally on the opposite site from me,
    i live close to cologne, in the very west, even already almost in the netherlands :) however, i will go to hong kong very soon.

  2. nice pastel looking colours!
    i think i can even wear it to school without having caught by the teachers

  3. Very nice! i love Essie! Great to know that you also love to drink beer! haha always thought most of the girls didnt like it XD do you only love to drink beer? or also wine, cocktails etc? =) xx

  4. Your nail beds are so long and nice to paint. My nails when kept long isn;t as long as your nail ned itself. I have thin, weak and stubby nails and I often have to paint base coat, clear polishes or those that looks pink, nude in the bottle but apppear clear on the nails to give the same illusion of healthy nails.

  5. Your nails look so beautiful :) I love this nail polish!

  6. Oh sweetie your nails looks so long and beautiful. Well my favorites shades are purple, pink and nude colors.


  7. Nice nails! If I ever leave my nails naked I just buff them to be shiny hahaha I tried being nail obsessive but I would always neglect cuticle cream now I find putting hand cream on to be my nail treatment LOL Two in one =P No favorite shades yet since I paint my nails according to my mood but I do have favorites in each category like bright red and nude =)

    re: Yes go grab a Duffy now! Lol I actually want the Mickey holding Duffy doll but I have no where to put it =(

  8. the Essie nail polish is great, it's so natural and get gives the nails the shine!!

  9. Your nails look lovely! I use Essie's Sugar Daddy often when I go for the pretty, healthy nails look, but Mademoiselle looks great too.


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