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First Topbox Review March 2013 ♥ Updated review

Updated Topbox product reviews after trial 

I'll be doing a month end update on products received from Topbox because I find that listing these products don't really mean much and it isn't really a true review so here goes! It's April, meaning I've given these products a one month trial and here is my feedback on the lovely products that I've tried.

L'oreal Mythic Oil: 5/5 

  • The claims are true and that it definitely nourishes my hair. Once I apply it onto my hair, my hair will immediately drink it up! I guess my hair was really thirsty for some nutrients. The product is lightweight and won't leave you with a greasy oil texture.  The smell isn't the best but it does smell like a typical salon product.  A little of this product goes a long way so it's definitely worth your money to invest in this.
  • Will I purchase this? Yes ! 
Aveda Caribbean Therapy body creme: 3/5 
  • I think this product does have a strong smell but nothing too overpowering. I think it resembles coke gummy candies!  This isn't my favorite body creme because of the smell, it's nice to smell if its just on your hands but man... whole body? I really don't want to walk around smelling like a coke gummy! 
  • Lotion Absorption: Average.  This isn't the best cream in a sense that it gets absorbed easily, after 10 minutes you can still feel a layer of lotion on your body.
  • Will I purchase this? Probably not. 
MaskerAide: 4/5 
  • The product is great and its very rich. I've used other face masks before, "My beauty diary", "kose brands" and other misc brands from HK and overall I think this is a great mask. No allergies issues on my end and the mask is very rich in serums.  With my face masks experience... I really think you have to continuously use masks for at least a week to see how well it works. Again, I mean... it feels nice? 
  • Will I purchase? Probably not, because it's nearly $5 per piece! 
Vera Wang - Lovestruck
  • Perfumes are very biased so I'm not going to put too much emphasis on this one. I do think the fragrance stays for a long time ( approx 4-5 hour wear) but this scent isn't something I would get.  I'm more along the lines of Daisy, Chloe, Miss Dior. Those are probably my favorite all time fragrances. 
  • Will I purchase this product? Probably not.

March Topbox Review

The moment I've been waiting for... my first Topbox has finally arrived. Topbox is a subscription based beauty box where you get samples of the latest products.  This subscription is only for Canadians at the moment and at the moment they are shipped locally (mine was shipped from Vancouver).

Topbox March 2013 / L'oreal Professional Mythic Oil x 2 / Aveda Caribbean therapy body cream / Vera Wang lovestruck fragrance / MaskerAide I Don't Wanna Grow Up Sheet Mask.  
I've waited around 2-3 months before I was able to successfully receive my first Topbox. The Topbox fits into my mailbox so I didn't have to make a trip out to the post office which was nice.  For a total of $13 after tax, I would probably give this another try and hopefully Topbox will have something better for subscribers.

TopBox Beauty List March 2013

I recently received an email that I wouldn't be sampling the "See by Chloe" fragrance which was a disappointing because I would much prefer the Chloe scent over the Vera Wang that I received. 

Aveda Caribbean Therapy Body Cream 

Aveda - caribbean therapy body cream 25mL full size $42 for 200mL

A lot of people online have been commenting the smell of it, but I honestly think it's not too bad.  I wouldn't wear it out but the scent reminds me of coca cola gummy candy paired with herbs (if that makes any sense). I would say this is good size to travel with but I probably wouldn't purchase this because of the scent and the price!

L'oreal Professional Mythic Oil

L'oreal Professional Mythic Oil / full size $26 (125mL) 

Mythic Oil: This is a hair product that I would love to try since it nourishes your hair making it silky and shiny! I already have my Macadamia Hair Mask that I've been religiously using already so we'll have how this stands against the competition!

Vera Wang Lovestruck Fragrance

Vera Wang Lovestruck
I am a fragrance junkie.  I love fragrances and have a lot as well and this sample doesn't really live up to the other fragrances that I own in terms of the uniqueness of the scent. The first thing I don't like about this sample is that it's in a tube! Many fragrance samples now come with a mini pump so you can spray it on versus this packaging where you need to dab on.  The scent is indeed floral but it's not the scent I prefer. My favorite flora scent is still Marc Jacob Daisy.

MaskerAide - I Don't Wanna Grow Up 

I love sheet masks and being asian I think I've tried a lot of sheet masks. I will give this a try over the weekend and see how this lives up to what I've been using! I always find that sheet masks is a product that you need to be religious about in order to see real results so from my first impression I'll probably only see how it feels on my skin if its nourishing or not. 

I think I will give Topbox a few more tries just to see what other boxes they have planned for Spring and Summer.  So far, I'm not too sure about this $13 subscription based on the product received. 

Interested in Topbox? You can signed up free here: TopBox Sign up

Is anyone else subscribed to Topbox or other beauty boxes? What are your thoughts? 


  1. I like the variety of products that topbox has, especially the "prive box" option :)

    1. Not subbed to topbox.. but I like to read reviews like yours! The prive boxes are awesome though! They sold the benefit one to non-subscribers in february which was awesome! .. and YES salad king is a great restaurant. I get lots of chillies in my food when i go there :P

    2. Haha yes love salad king :)

      Are you going to subscribe to Topbox in the future? I think they're releasing an Elizabeth Arden one in April!

  2. ooo, i opted for the regular box this month too. mine wasn't shipped from vancouver, but the usual north york. it's supposed to arrive this thursday. i got an email that my mythic oil will be substituted -- i wonder what i'll receive instead.

  3. I really want to sign up for one of these subscription beauty boxes but I have to finish up the drawer full of samples that I've stashed up already first. See by Chloe is a lovely floral scent btw.

    Rowena @ rolala loves

  4. Very nice! enjoy the products! :D in the Netherlands we also have this concept. We have 'beautybox', 'truly yours' and 'glossybox' haha! xx

  5. thank you for your comment grace!!
    you can actually order online too from their facebook page yay :)

  6. Great box dear!

    Come back soon to visit me!

  7. This is my first time reading about this box.

  8. your blog is so pretty! i love it!

    i would appreciate it if you follow my blog

    and please subscribe to my youtube channel :)

  9. I really want to try this box!
    Awesome that it's a Canadian company as well.
    Do you buy your sheet masks online usually? What brands would you recommend?

    Jen x

  10. Ooh Mythic Oil! I've been wanting to try that! I've been hearing about it a lot lately x


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