Tuesday, February 19

DIY Abstract Vase Tutorial

Recently, I've been on pinterest and saw a vase that was spray painted with rubber bands and it created a very interesting look so I decided to take my own spin on this.

Again, I am not a professional at this so a lot of time I improvised based on the materials I have at home. You'll notice my materials in a bit :)


  • Acrylic paint (glossy preferred) - any color, I chose white. This was a can of leftover paint when we were doing the flooring. If you have left over paint from renovation, you can use that too.
  • Cosmetic Sponges  or brushes or regular sponge will do
  • Masking Tape (Recommend using higher quality tape so the paint won't seep through) 
  • Most importantly a glass vase (Purchase from Michael's for $4.99)

Step 1 - The taping 

Take your masking tape and go wild with it. Tape in any direction you see fits. I didn't really have a plan in mind for mine but if you have a pattern you like, you can use it too! The key here is to make sure that all the edges are super tight onto the vase this is to avoid the paint from seeping through. You can also use a credit card or a ruler to smooth out the edges.

Step 2. Painting

Take your favorite color and paint away.  I had to use around 3-4 coats to get an even spread.  I found that using a paint brush was extremely difficult unless you have a high quality paint brush, you'll be getting a lot of streaks.  I ended up using some old makeup sponge (you can see that my sponges are slightly yellow tinted by now)! The key is to be patient! Let the paint dry first before you layer your remaining coats because otherwise, the paint will get all clumpy when you try to paint another layer on top. Similar to painting your nails :) 

Step 3. Peal and Accent 

After your vase is dried up, you can start peeling and reveal your work of art! You'll notice that you might get a bit of the edges seeping under the masking tape.  To remove this, simply take a q-tip and absorb it with nail polish remover and run it along those overflowing edges.  That will do the trick! 

I added a little bit of a gold accent with my gold sharpie to give it a little more color.  This is optional.

Finished product

There you have it a simple abstract vase that costs only $5.00 to make. 
You can put flowers, or decorative branches or even candles in it too. 
I think I'll go with decorative branches for mine.

Until next time! I'll be redoing my dresser and also my old mirror as well. Hopefully it'll look fresh and chic and made in the 2013 and not from the 1990s! 


  1. Cool idea!


  2. Wow you're so creative! I like the gold accents =3

    re: Tell me if you end up subscribing to barkbox! I have a friends code where you get a discount, tbh it's quite expensive but I guess if you're baller then that's okay haha

  3. hi! i found your website through your review on yelp about noriko nakane... i was thinking of going to her for a haircut but i only found one review so far and it said she specializes in perm and color. what do you think of her in terms of haircuts? thanks!

    1. Hi :) It's hard to reply here so I hope you'll see it :) I've been going to her for almost 5 years now and her skills are great. She uses scissors to cut your hair, not the thinning kinds and she's very personable and friendly as well. Definitely recommend her! Let me know how it goes!


    2. i have your site bookmarked, its great! thanks for the reply, i will definitely go find her now!

    3. No problem :) Hope you'll enjoy your haircut. If you always want to curl your hair or something, she'll even teach you how to do it fast and efficiently too! thanks for bookmarking as well!

  4. Eep! I've always wanted to try the Godiva shakes but you're so right about the price tag but to be honest it's not that much more than a starbucks drink lol Oh I can't wait to see what you'll get in your top box! I think the only beauty box I ever signed up for was Loose button....I think lol Gosh I want to try julip polish too but the price is crazy and it's only nail polish and I also only buy certain shades of polishes so what if the polishes I get in the boxes are shades/colours I'll never wear? ><

  5. Replies
    1. hehe, no need to thank for the comment! i must thank YOU for the follow!

      if u have more of these decor ideas, please spill them all out, because i'm moving into a new home soon and need some creative ideas ;) let's keep in touch ^___^

  6. such a great idea. def. something i can use in my home :)


  7. I like to see beginners following an idea and posting pictures of their work. You know, sometimes these very craftsy people post their finished product on Pinterest and their blogs which look so stunning that you just can't help wondering where you went wrong. To be able to see somebody posting her own work which is nothing like those professionals is an art of its own. I like your efforts. I think your vase is beautiful for a first timer and the gold accent really did it.


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