Thursday, January 17

All about the face

I have been recently in love with the following products: Bioderma makeup remover, Makeup Forever HD Foundation, Makeup Forever HD Primer and the Maybelline Great Lash mascara in clear. These are products that I will highly repurchase again as well.

Bioderma Sensibio H2O (Make up remover) -~$20 CDN

This make up remover is by far the best face make up remover I've encountered! This is better than all of those make up remover wipes that I've used. The formula is very gentle on the skin and all you need is a squirt of this onto a cotton pad and you're good to go! This is not only good for make up, it's also great for removing dirt and oil off your skin without stripping all of your natural oil off.  I've used a few face wipes that make my skin super dry after using it but Bioderma does the job and does it well! 

This in my opinion isn't as good for hard to take off makeup like waterproof mascara. I still stand by my Lancome Bi-Facil Eye makeup remover! 

The product can be purchased in Canada, I've only see the 250ml version, and priced steeply at around $20 CDN at Shoppers Drug Mart.  If anyone knows where to get this in Canada for cheaper please let me know! I believe this product isn't available in the states but please leave a comment below if they are sold in the states :) 

Makeup Forever HD Foundation and Primer ~$30-$40 each 

If you have dry skin then this is the best product that I've tried so far. My skin is super dry to a point where it peels... like fish scale even...

The products work well together. I haven't tried using the foundation with another primer but I'm assuming it would work if your primer is silicone based. Usually this can be identified in makeup products with the ingredient "Cyclopentasiloxane".  I'm using the shade 120 which is great for asian skin tones.  As for the primer I'm using the shade "pink" which gives my face a slight glow to it to make it more "healthy" looking.  These shades were recommended by a Sephora staff :) Over the seasons, my skin color changes.... do you ever find it annoying to match shades almost every 4-6 months?

Maybelline Great Lash Mascara in Clear ~$4 CDN 

This is yes, a clear mascara but I don't use it for my eyelashes, I use it for my eyebrows.  Typically, people use brow pencils and I personally hate brow pencils mainly because it looks too defined and too fake so all I really do is apply a brown eye shadow with an angled brush and fill them in.  After that I brush my clear mascara to lock it in and also to keep the shape. This I found to be the best way to fix up your eye brows and still having it look natural :) For it being only $4, you really can't go wrong and one tube will probably last you for a year or more. 

Japanese Rabbit Keychain: Help please!

Recently, I bought this little Rabbit Keychain kit from Daiso ($2 Japanese store) and for the longest time I have no idea what step 1 is. What do I do with the the shred of cotton and that pin like thing?! If anyone can read the instructions or have made this before, PLEASE let me know how to get this started. I've looked at the picture... and much like Ikea instructions... it's not always easy to interpret...

Photography Love.
Orchid / Canon T3i / Photographed by: Grace 
I've also started a bit of photography since my mom purchased a DSLR. If you are also a fan of photography and use 500px, feel free to follow me here: 
If you have any photography tips and feedback I would love to hear them as well.

What are your favorite face products? :) 


  1. you can get 2x500 mL bioderma off ebay/amazon for about ~$30. the 500 mL is $33 at shoppers drug mart. i usually get lazy, and am skeptical of fakes, so i just suck it up and wait for the 20% off promos haha

  2. Rowena Rolala LovesJanuary 18, 2013 at 10:07 AM

    Ooh great buys! That Bioderma makeup remover sounds awesome. I will have to look for it next time I go to Canada.

    If you're new to photography, I would say just get out there with the camera and take lots of photos cause hands on is the best way to get familiar with using a DSLR and you can find your style that way.

    Thanks for your super sweet comments on my photography and posts. I am a photographer and I just happen to love fashion so I just write about things I like and want to share. And yes I did once work in fashion. I'm following you too so let's stay in touch Grace :)

    Rowena @ rolala loves
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  3. The bunny looks interesting. I love asian crafts but it's hard to do when you can't read.

  4. Wah! Nice photo! I've been wanting to get a new camera too~ I think the first time I heard of the bioderma make up remover was from bubz beauty, right now I still love olive oil =) Now I have another thing to thank for, my skin tone pretty much remains the same unless I get more tanned in the summer and I tan fairly easily, boo! Oh sorry can't help you there with that Daiso kit because the same thing happened to me a few years back! Lol In the end I never made it =(

    re: I did my nails at Minoko nail studio in between Cyrstal mall and Metro but I would not recommend going there. I checked out the Joe store before too! But it's too far for me to deliberately make a trip for when I could go to Superstores ten mins from my home hahaha

  5. I know! I've wanted to do make it but I have no idea what the instructions mean... maybe it's time I give YouTube a go and see what I find :P

  6. My skin is super dry too but the thought of having to put primer on before foundation everytime scares my lazy self :P Have you tried wearing the foundation by itself? Is it still passable for dry skin?

    1. I rarely wear foundation alone because my skin is so dry :( I typically put tons of moisturizers on first then a primer then a foundation. A part of me always thinks that the foundation will absorb all of my oil and turn my skin flakey :(

      Do you have a problem with dry skin as well?

  7. AGREE !! the Bioderma Sensibio H2O is really good! i use that one too! :D xx

  8. I think the Daiso Rabbit keychain is felting wool~ You can look up tutorials on how to make shapes with felt wool. Bubzbeauty did something like that too
    The only things I can understand from the Japanese is that you put a mat/sponge under the wool and shape/roll the wool in your hands. Use the felting needle to stab the wool into shape ^^

    1. Heyy Yaa I saw it on her channel too! haha Figured it out with her help actually :)


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