Thursday, January 3

A year of positive outlook on life

Instead of the typical haul, nails and tips and tricks post. This will be a top 8 lessons that I've learned over the past few years.  Keep reading and see if you related to some of them.

Over the years, my personality has changed from being quiet, to outgoing, to being ambitious and now just me. Being through all of these extremes I think I've finally found who I really am and I would like to share a few lessons that I've learnt along the way. 

1. Compare less, you are who you are 
Comparing with one another is actually quite impractical and tiring. There is a fine line between comparison and admiration.  Comparison has a slightly negative connotation, to compete with someone to become better than them whereas admiration is simply to look up to the positive aspects of someone.  Ever since I stopped comparing myself with others, I've become a lot happier and more comfortable with how I really am. When you stop comparing, you'll realize that you really do have it all :) 

2. Care less about other's point of view
This seems like a very simple lesson but it has taken me five years to really understand the true meaning of this and I think I'm still learning. Sometimes, words hurt, especially those from friends because they know you the most. A lot of times, we care about the opinions of others a lot more about how we really think and in the end, aren't we just living the life of someone else then if we're swaying towards their perspective? Be yourself.

3. Stay Calm
Being a girl, it's sometimes hard to stay calm. Especially when you have other friends contributing to the conversation, it really starts to heat up. Last year, thanks to my boyfriend I've learned to remain calm.  I think being calm is the most important lesson ever. By stepping outside of the situation and listening to every word with an open mind really changed my attitude on a lot of things. 

4. Stay Healthy
In 2012, a close friend of mine was diagnosed with cancer. He lived a healthy life and suddenly he was diagnosed with the disease. It made me think more about my lifestyle and started to exercise more and eat more healthily. Health is the most valuable asset you can possibly own. 

5. Nothing is forever and nothing is perfect 
We always hope that everything lasts forever, relationships, our youth, the things we love the most. In reality, nothing is forever. We are all just searching for the most compatible fit. Be it for friends, your partner or your foundation ;) Nothing is forever and nothing is perfect so don't be upset that something or someone has left you, it just means that you weren't compatible and it happens to everyone.   We're all just looking for the best fit. 

6. Love is intangible and has no value
In 2012, I've learnt that it's not what my boyfriend can buy me nor the potential "financial" standing that can get when he's 30. Love is not a competition. When you really do love someone, even eating a bowl of pho together on a cold winter night can make you happy, we can skip the fancy steaks and dessert :)  

7. Don't stop learning
Even though I've graduated, I've learned to continue to grow. Be it a new skill that I'm learning, or reading up interesting articles or learning from a co-worker. When you think you've mastered a skill, move on to the next! It's important to keep on learning because our intelligence contributes to your confidence and self esteem. 

8. Negativity is ugly
Stay positive when you talk because it will automatically translate as you being a welcoming and happy person.  Now who doesn't love being around happy people over those that complain about their life and day and even about the coffee machine at work! Smile, because it's contagious.

These may be quite generic but those have taken me a long time to truly understand. :) 
Feel free to leave a comment below if you share similar lessons or have learned lessons that I haven't listed above!

Wishing everyone on blogger a Happy New Year ♥

It's only make up.
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  1. You have so much insight girl! What a great post! I'm constantly comparing myself to others and it does me no good! Thanks for the reminder! All 8 actually apply to I definitely connect with this post:))!

  2. I am so so guilty to some of these. =n= Hopefully I can change the way I look at myself, my insights and depressing thoughts this year.

    Belated Happy New Year ~

  3. I love everything you said girl! :) Followed you for this wonderful post! Hope you can check my blog back for my newest post ;)

    NEW POST UP: Blog Updates, Life Updates and New year's resolutions/goals


  4. Rowena Rolala LovesJanuary 4, 2013 at 9:21 AM

    Wise lessons to be learned and we would all do well to know and realize these. I had a tough year with my health in 2012 and it is true that if you're not healthy, nothing else really matters and when your'e down, laittle positive can go a long way.

    Your NYE look was gorgeous! Happy New Year Grace!

    Rowena @ rolala loves

  5. #2, 3, and 4 I need to really take in those lessons. I really like your blog. new follower. Happy New Year, take care. :)

  6. This is really well-written, Grace! I can identify so much with everything you have said. I'm also practising... let's see... wow, all 8 of them. The world would really be a much better place if EVERYONE is able to see and practise these mantras in life. I like how you substantiate them with eg in your own life and not just mere steps and quotes. It makes it so genuine.

  7. I think my bf would say I've mastered staying calm and so has he! I agree with what you say about staying calm, being angry/agitated etc, doesn't help find a solution and it certainly doesn't help ease the mood! I still have a hard time with the latter half of 5.) I always want everything to be perfect, I've eased up a lot in 2012 and I hope I can be more relaxed with a ease state of mind in 2013 =)

  8. Thanks for your comment :) Be sure to revisit for new posts! I'm thinking of a fitness friday post but I'm not much of a fitness person.... so maybe writing about what I did will motivate myself to continue :P

  9. Thanks for your comment Lena :) I'm glad you enjoyed it!


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