Monday, December 10

Holiday Candy Cane Nail Tutorial

It's almost Christmas! Technically there are only 14 days left till Christmas which gets me very excited about all the shopping deals around town and of course dinners :) 

With Christmas just around the corner, I decided to create these simple candy cane nails.

Candy Cane Nails - OPI GoldenEye / Opi The Spy Who Loved Me

These nails were inspired by the Sephora ad that I saw through an email. If anyone knows how to get that bow, please leave a comment below :)

Materials needs:
  • Two shades of nail polish
  • Tape
  • Scissors
  • Tweezers
Duration: 45 mins - 1 hour due to drying and precision.

Step 1: Picking your colors. 
I personally went with the same colors as the sephora ad since I already had those colors but I would think a shimmery silver and a shimmery red would go well together. For my nails, I used the OPI Skyfall collection, GoldenEye and The Spy Who Loved Me.  The GoldenEye is a very unique shade and formula because it mimics polishes with gold foil in them. Overall, a very unique shade to the collection. You want to wait till the base layer (in my case , gold) to completely dry before you do the taping to avoid peeling the base color off.

Step 2: Tape and Scissors
Cut up your tape into very thin strips.  Different widths will give you different sized stripes.  Ultimately, what you are doing is blocking out the gold with the tape and filling in the open space with red creating that candy cane effect. A tip for this is to create some very thing pieces of tape to color block.  The most difficult part is cutting the tape into tiny pieces

Step 3: Paint and peel

After you've cut up your pieces of tape, tape them over your nails like the image above.  Try to get different widths between each piece to create a more candy cane effect. Once you've painted it, you want to peel the tape off before it even starts to dry to create a very clean line.  The key is to take your tweezers and peel the tape back , you don't want to do this at an angle, you want to pull the tape exactly back and away from the nail.  Pulling it off to the side may cause it to smear. 

Step 4: Clean up
The last step is to apply a top coat, wait for it to dry then clean up any polishes that might have run onto the side of your finger.  I typically use a q-tip for this. 

This is definitely a nail tutorial that takes a lot of time because of the drying and precision required to create these color blocking but non the less this is definitely an easy nail tutorial that's perfect for the holiday!

Anyone else doing their nails for the holidays? Any favorite holiday shades?


  1. I loveee your nails!! It looks gorgeous! ;)

  2. thx for your comment on my blog!
    great post!
    I'm following now!

  3. Thanks for your comment <3 you should it a try too!

  4. I tried colour blocking nails before and the tape itwself is the messy part. I couldn't get it right. Kudos to you for doing a good job.

    I'm your newest follower and thank you for following me.

    Agreed. People from the States and European countries envy us for being able to travel easily to so many Asian countries while we in Asia envy them for having being able to travel within the state and continent. It is expensive for us the other way round.

  5. lovely DIY! you are one creative girl :D


  6. Wow awesome Grace! love it =D i think that bow is a sticker. I definitely will go to Canada and the States one day =D love shopping! but I've heard the food in Canada is much more cheaper than some countries in Europe! whaha ohh yes we have Primark here, it's from the UK. And yes it's like H&M, but i like H&M more than Primark. And did you mean the store Miss Selfridge? =D we don't have a store here, but I know the online store. xx

  7. cute nails! I have golden eye as well and will probably try this look!

    of Fashion

  8. These nails are so festive~ I love the combination of colours~ I tried to do something with taping before but I'm just too impatient to wait for my nails to dry hahaha so I usually just have one solid colour or some speckles top coat over, right now I painted my nails pink/mint, I felt like red and green weren't very me but still wanted a Christmas feel, sadly they look more like Easter eggs lol

  9. Wow! fun nail idea. I am loving your gorgeous blog.

    Stop by my blog sometime:

    <3 Paris

  10. Thank for your lovely comment Paris :) i wasn't able to click on your link. Would you mind sending it over again?


  11. Like Christmas ornaments c:
    Love this nailart! I wish you
    happy holidays as well!


  12. Those nails are really gorgeous. YOu did such a good job.

  13. beautiful!

    X Jenny

  14. Hi grace! Yes! There were a lot of children dressed up as Disney characters, it was so cute~ Alas I don't have any tips on taking off glitter nail polishes, though I have read that many bloggers just take soaked cotton balls/sheets/puffs etc and let it sit on their nails for a while then take it off but the idea of letting nail polish sit on my nails for that long is not appealing for me. I guess my only advice is time and patience LOL I haven't tried Stepho's but hopefully I will someday~ and yes death of our wallets during christmas T_T thank goodness chinese new year is around the corner to relieve some of it's burden LOL

  15. Hi Grace!

    re: Yes! They do sell that louis vuitton bag in Vancouver, I think I saw it only about a month or so back on display =) They also have a variety of colours like plum, black and red!
    Hope you and your family have a happy new year!

  16. thank you for visiting my blog! Happy belated birthday and happy new year! >.<


  17. Love it ! Reply: deer steak taste like beef steak in my opinion XD ohh shopping etc in England is more expensive than the Netherlands ! i would love to visit London soon, because i like UK fashion whaha. Miss
    Selfridge haven't buy anything yet from them , but i think it's comparable with H&M. How was your New Years Eve? =D xx


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