Friday, November 16

Weekly hair care routine for the damaged hair

I traveled to the windy roads of San Francisco and the beautiful sunny Los Angeles last week and came back with a few purchases that I'd like to share. Since there are 3 main categories to my haul, I decided to split them up into 3 posts to shorten these posts. I wouldn't want to write an entire essay and have you all ready it in one go :P That's is just mean , wouldn't you think?

November Haul 

Part 1: Hair care, my weekly hair care routine and this fabulous hair mask product that you will definitely fall in love with 

Part 2: Skincare and Lip products. Including my current basic skin care and favorite lip products at the moment 

Part 3: Random Haul from Los Angeles and a few of my vacation photos. 

Caring for your hair is like caring for your skin

First off, I have crazy split ends. I've dyed my hair for at least 7 years and now I've just stopped two years ago. Dying your hair is terribly bad for your hair, especially if you have extensively long hair. Think about the amount of nutrients that need to travel from your roots all the way to the ends, now that is a long way to go! 

Here are a few products that I love and will repurchase again. These products are great only if you have split ends and if you either curl or straighten  your hair everyday then please keep reading!

Macadamia Natural Oil Deep Repair Masque $18 USD / Bumble and bumble classic hairspray $13 CDN / L'oreal Professional export absolut repair $19 CDN / Chi 44 Iron Guard Heat Spray $13 CDN
 I've linked the products in the caption box above for direct purchases and I'll also of course provide places where you can purchase them in Vancouver since some of them aren't easily found at a drugstore.

#1 Favorite: Macadamia Natural Oil Deep Repair Masque

I recently purchased this from Ulta down in Los Angeles for $33 USD. I believe the only place that sells them in Vancouver is at Zennkai Hair Salon and they sell this for $43 CDN before tax ( which in my opinion is quite pricey). This product works miraculously, turning my split ends into shiny, silky, smooth hair in 10 minutes. The direction states that you leave a generous amount of the product in your hair for 7-10 after being washed and after that rinse off and its miraculously smooth. It's as if the product taped or glued all my split ends back together! Give this a try and you will never regret purchasing this! The product also smells incredibly good as well! 

Highly recommended for those with dry, damaged hair. 

Curling and Straightening Routine

I'm guilty of either straightening or curling my hair every morning before I head out to work or out for the day. I just can't leave home with leaving it as is! With so much heat going on your hair, you really need to protect it. The product I recommend and that I have been using is CHI 44 Iron Guard heat protecting spray. Honestly, I really don't know if these 'heat protecting' sprays work because come on I still get split ends from straightening it everyday! I tend to think maybe its a placebo effect but none the less I do have a bit of hope in these products! The best place to purchase this item is from Zennkai Hair Salon, I recall purchasing this for $13 a bottle.

Every morning, I would spray a generous amount of CHI 44 into my hair and let it 'soak' in the spray. I find that when i straighten my hair with it just on, it starts to sizzle as if I'm steaming my hair, so I decided to let it sit for a bit before I straighten it. So far, it's worked pretty well but if you have other recommendations please let me know :)

Taking care of your hair on those off hair masking days. 

For days in between my Macadamia Natural Oil Deep Repair Masque, I use the L'oreal Professional Absolute Repair Cream. To apply, you massage the cream into your hair and you leave it in, no rinse needed.  The down side of this product is that it does feel a little bit heavy, so I would recommend leaving it in during the night so it gives your hair a bit of time to soak in all the product and the next morning it'll feel light again. The best place to purchase this is at Superstore or Walmart since they do offer a bit more of a discount than salons.

 For those curling hair days.

On those days where you feel like you need a bit of an extra hold to your curls, I would recommend the bumble and bumble classic hair spray. It  keeps the curls while keeping your hair lightweight. The last thing I want is crunchy hair! Imagine if someone accidentally brushed your hair and they feel a hard strand of  hair... that's just the scene I would want to avoid! Sephora sells this product and so do other salons. I haven't been able to find a cheaper place to sell this product as it seems like bumble and bumble has it fixed without any flexibility for prices but if you do know a place that sells it for cheaper please let me know! 

San Francisco love

Painted Ladies on Lombard Street 

Lefty's store at San Francisco Fisherman's Wharf. This store was made for me! 

More to come next week which includes my favorite skin care products and why I love them. Got questions or comments? Feel free to comment below with a link to your blog and I can reply that way or reply directly in the comment box below!

♥ Grace


  1. Thanks so much for the product reviews! I would love to try that Macadamia oil for my split ends, of which I have plenty from dying my hair too >< I think I saw it for sale at Shiffon on robson street and somewhere else too but I can't remember lol

    How long were you in San Francisco for? Looks so pretty there!

    P.S My sister would love that lefty store too haha

    re: I think that restaurant was somewhere near vantec secondary but I'm not sure about the exact name or address of it, it's a small chinese restaurant though.

  2. Great product reviews! I'm dying to try the macadamia oil mask. Heard so much good reviews about it. I'm in Ontario and I have seen this in Shoppers Drug Mart and Rexall.

    New follower. You have an awesome blog here!

  3. I agree with you about how dyeing is really bad for our hair. I've been dyeing my hair for 10 years. (yeah, I'm that old) and 2 years back, I stopped dyeing to allow all my black hair to grow out. My hair has never looked healthier. I continued dyeing again last year and it is now not as healthy as before.

    I read with great interest about the macadamia nut oil mask. It is really pricey for when you mention about feeling as if your split ends seem like they have glued, I'm totally amazed. I don't see this product in my country though. I might just give it a try if I spot it.


  4. re: Hi Grace! I actually bought those bracelets at the last night of the richmond night market =( but you might be able to find some that are similar at etsy or ebay? Really? Was SF that fun? Do you think three or four days there would be enough to get a taste of it? My used to bug me about doing there lol As for white pants, by undesirable do you mean our strawberry? haha I totally forgot about that but I do avoid wear it around that time for me =) They're also not pure white, more of a really light beige/cream colour. I really like them and I still see Zara selling them so you can check them out there!

  5. Very nice November haul c:
    Ugh I hate split ends, thats why
    I cut my hair into a bob!
    The product 'Hope in a Jar'

    sounds promising!


  6. Thank for your comment :) Just replied via your latest post!

  7. Thanks for this review haha I also have split-end :( Is the most effective product the masque?


  8. Lovely pictures! that Minnie Mouse hairband is cute ! xx


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