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Skincare Routine and Lip Products Part 2 of November Haul

It's been getting super cold and dry and windy here along the west coast, skin and and lip treatments are almost a must now! These are some of my skincare products this month, includes a few favorites and a few misses. As per usual, I've linked the products with Amazon links and I'll also include Vancouver / Canadian pricing in the post below since it is slightly more expensive to purchase them in stores.

Shiseido Benefiance Wrinkle Resist 24 Eye Cream - $50 CDN / Clinique liquid facial soap extra mild - $17 CDN / Philosophy hope in a jar $33

For extremely dry skin days

Winter is coming in fast and we need to really help out skin out by adding a bit of product to keep it moisturized. I personally have very dry skin, enough that foundation goes on and in a matter of minutes, my face will start to flake because its so dry. I've decided to use BB cream rather than foundations in the winter because foundations are just not as moisturizing enough. 

Face cream: Philosophy Hope in a Jar / Around $60 Canadian at Sephora or Philosophy stand at The Bay 

This product says "hope in a jar" but for me, it didn't work too well. I find that the product tends to just stay on your skin and its definitely one that is hard to absorb. I think this would work well if you have combination skin or even... perfect skin.
For myself, because my skin is so dry, I actually need a very moisturizing cream that is almost like water based. One that I really like (which I ran out of) is the Shiseido The Skincare Day Moisturizer. The product comes out of a pump and is very watery so it glides on easily and very easy for absorption too. For myself, this hope in a jar didn't have much hope in it. I did try the sample before purchasing and the sample is not the same. The packing of this product is plastic and doesn't have a double lid, so the product dries up taking away all the moisture and water in it. The sample works great because it only takes you 4 days before you run out which is why it's such a perfect little cream but the full size dries up too fast for my liking especially when its over $50 for a jar.

Face wash: Clinique liquid facial soap extra-mild $~18 at all major retail stores. 

Clinique is definitely my favorite face wash to date. Their formula is very lightweight and very mild which is perfect for my dry skin.  Anything that has fragrance or has too much chemical in it makes my skin very dry and it starts to basically flake. The soap comes out in a rich lather which is much preferred over lotion based face washes. This is highly recommended for those who are looking for a face wash that does the job and is easy for the skin. When I'm removing make up, I tend to pair this up with my clarisonic mia just to get every little bit of make up off my skin and it's been working well for me. Do other girls do this too? Use the Clarisonic to remove make up?

Eye Cream: Shiseido Benefiance WrinkleResist 24 ~$50-$64 CDN 

I love eye creams simply because your eyes is the first thing that anybody.. well most people look at so its important to keep them looking pretty. I've tried many many eye creams before and I can honestly say that this product works! I've tried clinique, lancome and Olay. None of those work as well as this product. The Shiseido eye cream is quite expensive for such a tiny jar that's approximately the size of a lip balm jar but this product is worth it. A little bit of this goes a long way and you can see the results within 30 minutes removing early fine lines around the eyes and also fatigue as well. If you want to give this a try, I recall shoppers having a few samples. I would highly recommend asking them for one before you splurge on this product. This is definitely only of my favorite products of this month, and its up there with my Macadamia Nut Hair Masque.

 Lip Products of the Month

Revlon Lip Butter - Tutti Frutti . Revlon Lip Butter - Berry Smoothie / Korres Lip Butter in Pomegrante
Yes, that is a lot of lip butters in this category but they all mean different things. The Revlon Lip Butter as most bloggers know is a sheer lipstick with a very moisturizing formula. I quite like the color variety and the formula but it would be much better if it didn't come off so easily.  You do have to re-apply this almost after every meal or drink that you take which might become a hassle. These products can be found at any drugstore but I recommend waiting for a sale because they can get as cheap as $7.50 for one.

Korres lip butter is one of my monthly favorites.  This here is a lip balm and not a sheer lip stick.  The balm does carry a little bit of sheer pinkish tint to it though which give your lips a little bit of color.  The formula is similar to a Sugar Lip Treatment but not as  moisturizing as it. I tend to save my Sugar Lip Treatment for desperate days because sometimes it feels like its just too much on my lips! This is definitely good for everyday where. Perhaps, I should do a comparison between Sugar, Korres and Kiehl's Lip Balm later.

Tip and discoveries of the week: 

Last week, I shared my weekly hair routine and hair product recommendation with you guys and everyone seemed to want to get their hands on the Macadamia Nut Hair Mask. If you live in Vancouver, Zenkkai at Pacific Center just stocked them and while I was Black Friday shopping I spotted it for an additional 25% off, totaling only $23 after tax! (This was $10 cheaper than Ulta). If you are in the area, you can head over there and get one at their retail price which is only $25 for one :) (Pacific Center location)

Brandy Melville stocks from eBay. 
I recently visited the Brandy Melville store and noticed that one of their bracelet looks exactly like the one I purchased on eBay. I couldn't believe that this bracelet was on sale for $9 while I purchased mine online for only $1.30. If you are looking to purchase this product, you can save yourself $7 with my link: eBay: Pyramid Bracelet. Fast shipping and great communication as well. I wouldn't even call the eBay one a dupe because I went into the store and it is the exact same! Tip to girls out there, try to eBay a few items if you are planning on purchasing them from smaller boutiques because chances are, if they can find them online, so can you! Happy Saving :)

Trip to Los Angeles in Early November

The Grove. Beautiful Christmas Set up there.

Beautiful 110ft Christmas Tree at the Grove

me and the alien from Toy Story

Paradise Pier in California Adventures

The Christmas Tree in Disneyland <3

If you have any skincare recommendations for dry skin feel free to leave a comment below along with your blogspot/wordpress link. I tend to reply directly on your blog rather than replying on my own page.

Thanks for reading!


  1. Beautiful products! I esp love Korres and Shiseido Benefiance!!:)

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  2. i have cliniques 3-step skin care product and i absolutely loooove it :)

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  5. Hi Rasz! not a problem :) I would need a link though

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  6. the Cali pictures look awesome, and I use hope in a jar too, I love it!

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  8. Awwwww I love your Disneyland pics!! I'm going there next week with my hubby!! *soooo excited* Only reason why we're going is to see the holiday decorations. haha...

    Love the skincare products. Always been using Clinique's toner and Shiseido eye cream.

    xo - Sheila

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  10. Very beautiful pictures. ! Love the lights.

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  11. I have extremely dry's really bad! I use this cream from bare minerals, but it's really thick. Not sure if you would like it! Thanks for the tips! I'm your newest follower on GFC #24! It would be great if you could check out my blog and follow back:)! Thanks!

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  12. nice hauls.. i love revlon lip butter

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  13. Great photos from LA! Also thanks for sharing the skincare products! Hugs form Cali! xx The Golden Girls

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    Great pictures! The giant Christmas Tree just reminded me how close it is getting to Christmas!! YAY !!!


  16. Same here dear here..I prefer responding to other blogs that on my own blog.
    Hmmmp...Im using Cetaphil at the moment and I love it for my skin type.


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  18. The name "Hope in a jar" sounds hopeful and like a miracle product. A pity it didn't work for you.

    The Christmas light up is gorgeous!


    It is easier and much cheaper for us Singaporeans to travel to Thailand and other Southeast Asian countries and really expensive for us to travel to the west. Hence, I perfectly understand where you are coming from.

    My posts updates on my blog are always backdated and so I’m not on vacation right now. It was a holiday trip to Phuket from last year (yeah I’m super slow in updating) and I’m from Singapore. =)


  19. clinique and sheseido have the best products! but i'm probably biased because that's what my mom always used so naturally i did too :p

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  22. Nice haul!
    Btw, I love Revlon's lip butters. I've 4 colours so far and intend to get more. It's pricier here than the US, though, which sucks

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  26. o0o0o0o I tried a sample of hope in a jar before (but it was in a tube packaging haha) but it smelled so terrible I couldn't use it, I'm not too sensitive to smell but it was terrible >< Alas I have no suggestions for dry skin since I have a combo skin lol

    Wow Disney looks so fun as always and you look so happy with the alien stuffy, did you end up bringing him home?

  27. Already did! :) good luck Vanessa!

  28. Thanks Joey! Yeah, I think so too.. slightly more expensive here but I find that Walmart is the cheapest one but man some people are just so ... inconsiderate about drugstore products.. you can tell they opened one of the brand new ones just to try out the color!

  29. thanks for the comment :) yay, im glad someone read my post! haha I always think people just sort of..browse and glance (I do that sometimes too! )

  30. I really want to try the Korres lip butter!! Thanks for sharing and I'm going to LA next week too can't wait! The Christmas decorations are so beautiful!


  31. Wow lovely pics! And I recommend the clinique products, they are awesome :)

  32. Hahaha ahh so i am the first person u know from the Netherlands so funny! =D i have family in Canada! Toronto & Vancouver, but never been there yet..really wanna go someday! is shopping in the US more fun than Canada? or cheaper? xx

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