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Nail Polish Collection 2012 (Holiday, Nudes, Summer, Top Coats)

I'm no nail polish fanatic but I do have a bit of nail polish that I own. I'm more of a nude/natural color person so my nail color choices are more towards the warmer tones. I've noticed that my nail polishes are divided into four categories, top coat / base coat, the glitters, the nudes and the summers. I've also provided Amazon links to the products below since Amazon has free shipping over $25 I believe :)
ouihui's nail polish collection

The Holidays / Glitters

left to right top to bottom: Joe fresh starry /  sephora by OPI Chestnuts about you / OPI (Skyfall 007 collection) The living daylights / OPI ( Skyfall 007 collection) Golden Eye / OPI ( Skyfall 007 collection) The Spy Who Loved Me / OPI ( Skyfall 007 collection) The World Is Not Enough / OPI ( Skyfall 007 collection) Live and Let Die
The world is not enough  as base and the living daylights as top coat

I've been a fan of glittery nail polishes lately and I can across the new OPI Skyfall 007 collection. 

OPI Skyfall Collection -The Living Daylights : My favorite of all of them would be the glitter top coat which contains hexagonal glitter pieces in a silver, turquoise and rose gold color. This unique color combination drew me to purchasing this for only $7.99 CDN which is a fairly good price for OPI nail polishes. To get a good effect, two coat is required. 

SEPHORA by OPI Nail Colour Chest-Nuts About You 0.5 ozThis is my second favorite glitter nail polish because this shade works for both fall and winter. I purchased this last year at Sephora for around $11.99 CDN. Overall, sephora has never been known for cheap nail polishes but I wasn't able to find this shade anywhere but here so I splurged with no regrets. This varnish does require at least 2 coats, 3 for full coverage which is quite a bit. The consistency is definitely thinner than the regular OPI nail polishes. 

OPI Mini Collection Skyfall Overall the Skyfall collection did not disappoint. Two coats and you get full coverage which is great. The colors are very bold and dynamic in this set which is great for this season and the holidays. The added shimmers in the nail polish draws the attention from it's solid and bold color. I sometimes find that solid colors can be too overwhelming, giving the appearance that you've decided to dip your nails in some wall paint...

The Top / Base Coats 

left to right top to bottom: NYC Matte me Crazy / Essie all in one base coat / Sally Hansen Insta-Dri
Of the three that I own, Sally Hansen Insta-Dri is my favorite. The consistency is thick allowing your nails to dry with a very shiny coat. I would say its 50-60% close to the shellac finish. The essie all in one base coat on the other hand is not my favorite. I've purchased it so I will continue to use it but overall, I don't feel it has strengthened my nails in any way that it claims to do. In fact, I feel that the base coat tint my nails yellow or turn them yellowy overtime. Next up is the NYC Matte Crazy, for those of you trying to get matte finish nails (which are very popular at the moment), I would recommend this versus buying matte nail polish. All you need to apply two coats of this and you are good to go.

The Nudes

Joe fresh nude / Sephora by OPI Let's Pile / OPI Samoan Sand / L'oreal I will / L'oreal Sweet Nothings / L'oreal eiffel for you / Sally Hansen 08 sorbet
This fall, nudes and taupe shades are one of the reoccuring shades that I love. I have a few hit or misses in this category as well and one that I regret purchasing.

OPI Samoan Sand  By far my favorite nail polish to a point I would thin the polish out for reuse. With all OPI nail polish, two coats and you are good to go. The consistency is great and like most nail polish it only starts to get thick and chunky around 8 months to one year in. If you are looking for the perfect nude, then this is it.

L'Oreal Colour Riche Nail Polish, Eiffel for You, 0.39 Fluid Ounce  This nail polish is the perfect purple taupe color. Two coats as well and you are set. You don't need a top coat on this as well since it dries off as fairly glossy.

SEPHORA by OPI Nail Colour Let's PliƩ 0.5 oz Of all my nudes, this falls second to last. The consistency like all "sephora by OPI" are thin. I would need at least 3 coats to get full coverage and the brush makes streaks as well when you paint it on. I would say the negatives despite the color is that it streaks, and drys semi matte and glossy. If you imagine a matte coating being half way dried, this would be the effect. Definitely not a flattering nail polish and very hard to work with, even with a base coat.

L'oreal i will: Remember those days back in elementary school? Those white out days? This is THE white out color. Terrible consistency, very streaky but the worst element of this nail polish is the color, which is exactly like white out and it even smells like it. I definitely got fooled by the curved bottle, presenting it to be much more pearly than it really is... if you are getting married, this ' i will '  is more like a ' i just got divorced'!

The Summers (bright and bold)
essie nail color polish, camera, .46 fl oz / Essie Essie Nail Polish Resort Collection - Turquoise & Caicos / Essie resort collection-Lapis of Luxury # 717 / joe fresh orange sorbet / jacob sunny capri
To start off, I am not an essie fan. The only thing I love is their variety of colors and that is about it. I know there are many girls out there who love essie but I'm probably the odd one out. Essie nail polishes are very thinned out, and has a lot of streaks as well. You would need at least 4 coats to get good coverage and I find that their nail polish is so strong that even with a base coat, it still stains my nails. I don't have brittle nails as well, so I'm not quite sure what the problem is... but essie is on my no list despite the amazing assortment of colors they offer.

joe fresh orange sorbet:  The "Canadian" brand which is a subsidiary line of Club Monaco. Their nail polish provides great coverage and is similar to L'oreal and Sally Hansen consistency. Very easy to apply and is great after two coats. I would highly recommend purchasing from superstore (they are the only carrier for this) and with a low price point of $3 CDN you can't go wrong.

Grace's summary of nail polish brands:
OPI: 5/5
Sally Hansen: 5/5
joe fresh: 4/5
L'oreal: 4/5
Jacob: 3/5
essie: 2/5

scoring is based on consistency, flow of application, and finish.

Do you have any nail polish favorites or any misses?

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  1. My favorite favorite favorite nail polishes are actually the Joe Fresh ones! I must have more than a dozen of them and their matte top coat too! I totally agree with you that matte top coats are a better option than an actual coloured matte polish. Oh! Does your Joe- Orange sorbet dry matte for you? I recently purchased it for halloween and it dried matte on me! I was really surprised though I did paint over it with my top coat haha

    I never used white out as polish before but your description of l'oreal's I will is hilarious! I also really dislike Essie polishes, I really hate their formula which I find hard to apply and like you, uneven and streaky =S I only have two and one is a glitter polish I use over a base colour lol

    P.S Have you seen those adorable mini polishes they have at Sephora for the holiday packages? Ugh, they are soooo adorable thought I wouldn't use 90% of the colours, they'd be just so cute to have hahaha and have you tried the popular caviar nails?

  2. You have a good collection of nail polishes, nude ones are my favorite aswell, nothing like that to make your hands look elegant and perfect

  3. Love the nail polishes! New follower here, please check out my blog and follow back if you want! :)

  4. Essie is my fave nail polish brand, i just find that I lean more towards the brand (colour wise) than any other brands :)

  5. great nail polish picks!

  6. Love the Essies :)

  7. Thanks Amelia! :)

  8. Looks pretty!! Nice idea :)


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