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The 411 on Arm Swag and keep on following

A continuation of my previous post: DIY Rhinestone Chained Bracelet Tutorial.

The internet is currently over-hyped with armswag, armcandy. All these terms relating to mix and match wrist accessories. If you look up #armcandy #armswag there are probably over 100k photos on just bracelets. If you are a guy, yep that's right Instagram might not be your thing unless you're into nails and bracelets and hair.

From: Shop Bijouterie

Skull bracelet trend

Some of them come in colors as well or I've seen them attached to the ends of a gold bangle. The ones I've seen are around $10 in Vancouver, not a bad price but it can be easily done with a few materials online. Not to say Shop Publik is bad in any way, I love their products their pricing is good as well but unfortunately, shipping fees are quite high for me otherwise I would love to buy from there! If you are from the states, this is a great online store for bracelet and statement pieces.
From: ShopPublik
For Less
Store: shenlong19 on eBay
Price: $3-$5 depending on the qty you order
Pros: Looks like the skull beads in store bought bracelets

Or you can always go on eBay and search skull beads, filter with buy it now and lowest price and shipping to get the best deal.

Stack-able Bracelets

Next up is the stack-able colored bracelet trend. Basically you have stacks of bracelet in a variety of materials, wood, pearl, steel, copper, mixed metals, suede cording etc. I really love the collection that Shop Bijouterie has, great pairing but the prices are a bit steep for my budget.

From: Shop Bijouterie

I've searched high and low and here are a few places where I like to shop for jewerly accessories or supplies to make my bracelets. A lot of these bracelets (that are not metal) can be easily created with a few beads and cording bought online or at your local Michael's or craft store.

Spiked bracelet
Store: Circle607 on eBay
Price ~$1.20

Pros: Great pricing and fast shipping
Cons: The material is very lightweight, it's made of plastic so I wouldn't expect too much from it

Rhinestone Chain
Store: digitalzone88 on eBay
Price: ~$1.00

Pros: Great pricing, super fast shipping. The store offers a lot of great products at low rates as well. Worth browsing around for sure.
Cons: None

My overall go to site is now eBay. I used to purchase these supplies from etsy but I find that because there is a strong community of DIY and crafty people on there, there is the ability to raise the prices up a bit because that is the go to site for supplies and handmade goods nowadays. A lot of eBay stores are selling on etsy now as well but prices are often slightly higher to target this niche market versus eBay where it's a collection of basically everyone! 

These bracelets are extremely easy to make if you have stretchy Jewelry strings. I believe they come in a coil (similar to how fishing string would look) and they are priced at around $4-$5 for 5 meters worth. All you need to do is thread them through and tie a knot!

As well, It's been around 5 months since I've started this blog with some activity :)

Thanks to those who are interested in what I've been writing to date, I really appreciate the time that you guys take in to reading this!

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  1. XxxLoveIsBeautyxxXOctober 27, 2012 at 8:31 PM

    love your blog! would you like to follow each other in gfc? let me know!

  2. XxxLoveIsBeautyxxXOctober 29, 2012 at 7:10 PM

    followed you back :)

  3. Thanks for all the tips on where to get all these goodies to make some arm candy! lol I also love using ebay (usually for rhinestones for my nails/deco) and I agree with you on etsy, some of the things there are priced really high for what they are ><

    re: The Harvest Tea at the urban tea merchant wasn't bad but I honestly don't think it was worth the 48$ price tag, unless you have money to blow I saw just get the regular afternoon tea's they offer or maybe wait until they have a Christmas version out =) o0o0o0o I've never been to the point roberts location before! Thanks for letting me know about the Suki shoes but I'm also terrible in heels =( Which is why I'm afraid to buy heels/shoes offline >< Tell me what you think about the laura mercier one when you get to try it! (you can always get a sample from sephora first though of course kekeke)

  4. Thanks for the follow <3


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