Monday, October 1

I haven't ever written any favorites of the month before, I guess I will give this a try. Surprisingly, Vancouver is still quite warm (not the rain that we are always known for). This month, everything is a drugstore product except for two of them, the eyeliner and the eye primer. I've linked all the products as well so it makes it easier to find.

Maybelline: The Falsies

  • This is an amazing mascara, very comparable to lancome mascaras which I love. This one is only around $5 - $6 at Walmart which I find has the better prices, followed by Superstore. Relatively speaking they are both quite similar in prices. The mascara creates defined lashes on your first comb, followed by volume on your second. Two coats and you're done! Of course being asian, my lashes don't exactly stay put, so I use my Koji eye lash curler purchased from Hong Kong. I don't recall the price but it was really cheap. You can purchase it here on It's only $6 USD :) Honestly, its the best curler ever and you can choose your size too depending on the shape of your eye. 
Maybelline: Baby Lips
  • Honestly, this is quite a good product, very hydrating and the peppermint smell is great. It does look quite the... teenage girl product but it does work well. Though I do have to say my Kiehl's lip balm is still my all time favorite.
  • Probably my favorite finishing powder for daily use. If you are looking for a matte finish then I think this product is quite good for daily use and quite affordable as well. However, if you are looking for a full coverage I would say MAC Studio Fix pressed powder is the way to go! 
  • I purchased this with my Shoppers points and ended up paying only $20 for this, originally $30. I absolutely love this eye shadow primer! The eye shadows stay all day and the best of all is that the shade matches my skin so I can sneak my way into using this as a concealer on lazy days! Double win! I would be careful with the pump though, I tend to only press on it a little because a full pump is wayyy too much on the eyes! Forgot to mention, I am a fan of pumped make up because it just seems a lot more sanitary don't you think? 
Make Up Forever: Aqua Eyes Black eyeliner
  • Hands down best eyeliner ever it can be smudged when its 'wet'. This eye liner needs a little bit of drying despite it being a crayon. I personally love crayons over liquid liners because it looks more natural and less 'edgy'. 
Forever21: Black Gem Necklace 
  • Works well with all the baggy sweaters I have and its a great piece for layering.
  • Buy it here

Interesting Make up Video:
I honestly never look at the expiration for my makeup. I figured if it looks dry, or that its starts to get clumpy, I'll throw it out but nope! Make up products do have expiration date and after watching this I tossed a few items into the trash, like my old mascaras! 

Instagram photos: @hcmgrace 

Shoemint: Suki

Out for a nice walk with Milly :)

Saturday lunch with the bf . Delicious.

What I won at PNE playing those dart games 

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What are your favorite products for September? 

I've been meaning to buy a lipstick and blush and recommendations? MAC?



  1. Hey I found you on Suki's blog :] I like how you talk about products that are actually affortable haha because many people mention mac/lamcome only. But I do have to say that the blushes by mac are so nice. Depending on which colour you prefer I'd say Peach Melba is a great choice. Its not orange but its kinda..well peachy xD
    good luck with finding one! oh and you are so right about the iphone 5 :p

  2. Thanks for visiting! Really? I'll have a look at mac this weekend and check out the Peach Melba! I love those orangy, peachy colors. I used to have the NARS orgasm blush but I lost it... (sigh... )

    Haha I used to be someone who uses those expensive brands but now I'm using both :) I mean its impossible that ALL drugstore brands are terrible! Though I must say anything that goes directly on my skin like foundation and primer, I tend to use ones that are more reputable since it applies directly on the skin.

  3. HEYY gorgeous grace

    Appreciate if you can FOLLOW me back on GFC

    Looks fantastic, and I love your blog! visit your sweet post and do comment my lattest post , would be great to PLEASE follow me back OK ! FOLLOW :) xx

  4. I used to be that way with expiration dates too but now I'm so anal hahaha especially with medicine =P Oh how are the Suki shoes you ordered off shoemint holding up? I was so so so close to getting those because they're so cute and I felt a connection with them by having the same "name" LOL

    I've been wanting to try that restaurant for a while, I'm glad to hear you like it! Oh and your dog is ADORABLE!!!!!!!

  5. Omg ever since I saw that video I started to label my make up as to when i opened it... haha! I barely wore them they're so tall, like 4-5 inches.. i don't know when I can wear them without looking like a giant! Hahaha yes you should've gotten them, its fate ;) But man shoemint is a ripoff if its mailed to Vancouver... shipping was $20... thank god I had a 50% off code... but even then it came to around $70.. which is like the original price...the 50% didn't really do anything...

    Oohh you should visit the restaurant quite good actually but bring cash, they don't take credit or debit.. (lame)
    Thanks! :)

  6. nice shots! the smurf doll is super cute!

  7. Eep! That's one reason why I haven't ordered anything off shoemint/jewelmint etc. because the shipping is crazy! But I know that you can ship it to those little offices down at point robertson and you can just pick it up there! My bf uses the service quite often and it's quite good and much much cheaper!

    Thanks for the tip about bringing cash to the restaurant, I'll definitely keep this in mind when I go!


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