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DIY Rhinestone Chained Bracelet Tutorial

Recently, there have been a lot of bracelets going around on instagram. If you look up the tags #armcandy or #armswag , you'll see a ton of different kinds of bracelet collections that have been floating around. Michael Kors even started promoting this term by using it in their latest watch giveaway by tagging a photo with their official hashtag for an entry. Clearly, this trend has taken off and is definitely blooming. 

Here in Vancouver, these arm swag, arm candy pieces are somewhat hard to find and if you find them, they are quite expensive and may burn a hole in your wallet. They are all branded either by Michael Kors or Hermes or Pandora or you go way down to the other end of the spectrum to try finding pieces at Forever21 and H&M but those just don't seem to be the same. 

I'm going to give a quick tutorial on how to make this rhinestone chained bracelets provided with links to materials below. 


  1. Gold Chains -  $1.5 *since I used one of the 5 chains in the necklace)( I find that purchasing them at a craft store is quite expensive and for online you never really know how they look in real life. What I recommend is going to a local drugstore or a Target and find a discounted necklace with chains. The style doesn't matter,all that matters is what you can do with the chains when you've taken them apart) I got mine at Superstore for around $7 and there are around 4-5 good sized chains that I could use for bracelets. 
  2. Rhinestone -$1 (source: eBay digitalzone88
  3. Suede Cord - $3.50 for 3 meters ( I purchased mine from Michael's with a 40% coupon) 
  4. A pair of pliers 
  5. Super/Krazy Glue
  6. Jewelry hooks for the ends ( I usually find old bracelets or necklaces and just pry those off for use) 
Total Cost: ~$5.50
Average Time: 30-40 minutes for beginners 

Step 1 Getting Ready:
 If you need to prepare the chain by prying open the links from the necklace. If you decide to buy chains, then you're all set! Double up the chain and wrap the chain around your bracelet, I would leave 1 cm on both ends so its easier for you to wear the bracelet. Measure the suede cord, I would recommend the length to be at least 3.5 to 4 times the length of your chain just in case you run out of cords near the end. 

Chained Necklace from a local drugstore -$7

Sueded Cording from Michaels $3.50 after coupon

Rhinestone chain from eBay $1.00 

Step 2. Organzing the chains and materials.

Place the rhinestone between the two chained that you previously doubled up. With one hand, you want to hold that all in place.  I recommend starting the threading with the "U" of the chains rather than the ends because it just means there are more things to hang onto. 

Step 3. Threading the suede cord.

Then with your other hand, loop the suede cord, under and up through one of the chained link (we will call these links). Then thread that between the rhinestone gaps and into the other chain. Think of it as wrapping a string around a stick from top to bottom in a circle motion.  It's always up through link 1, over the gap of the rhinestone and down through link 2 and repeat.The goal of this is to have the suede cord tight to keep everything in place. It will feel awkward holding onto this, I would recommend leaving a bit of chains or rhinestone behind for you to hold onto. 

In the picture above, you can see how the cording is threaded through. I'm left handed so I apologize if this looks backward for you. 

Step 4. Tying it all together.

Honestly, what I did was knot the suede end with just a simple knot then use super/krazy glue and have it all held in place. This is the easiest way to do it and since I'm not a professional jewelry maker, super glue works perfect for me! If it doesn't fall apart, then its good enough. Then you would basically just take a pair of pliers and connect the jewelry hooks to one end of the bracelet and a spare link from the chain to the other end. Again you can buy these bracelet/necklace hooks but I would just look around the place for old pieces. The point of this is to create a bracelet for less :)

The Final Look:

Gold beaded bracelet (DIY) / Studded Rhinestone Bracelet (as per tutorial) / Pyramid Bracelet (eBay: circle607

For more tutorials:
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I hope this all made sense if you have any questions feel free to leave a comment below or if you see any designs that you'd like to learn how to make, drop a comment below and hopefully I can answer them for you.



  1. You are blessed with awesome DIY skills because it looks killer! xoxoxo

  2. Hey Grace! I forgot to answer your question about the galaxy prints. I usually find them on nastygal or asos mostly! xoxoxo

  3. COOL!


  4. This is super super cute! I love DIY bracelets like this.

  5. The end result is so nice!! Thanks for sharing this great DIY~~

    I got the Laura Mercier makeup set from Nordstrom.


  6. Thanks for the DIY, it's so pretty!! xX

  7. Sounds good! I'll check it out next time im there :) haha since the full size one is a bit too big for me :)

  8. This looks gorgeous! If you had an ebay store I'd buy that (in pink of course kekekekeke) This is a very nice, thorough and informative tutorial =) You're also right about the expensive arm candy in Vancouver I saw some nice pieces in some cute boutiques on main though that didn't cost an arm and leg and some people recommend thrift stores!

    re: Did you try the harvest afternoon tea at the urban tea merchant too? Did you like it? =D And yes the location is weird! Every time I take a friend who hasn't gone they always ask if I'm going in the right direction hahaha

  9. Great post! I'm excited to try this! I'm your newest follower on GFC! I'd love it if you'd follow me back :)



  10. wow this is sooo useful! I'd like to try this myself! I personally favor DIY bracelets coz I just tend to forget and loose the ones I buy..

  11. I love your DIY Bracelet!! The sparkling details are awesome, such a great idea! I made a own bracelet last week as well:)

    Hope you visit me on my blog

  12. what a helpful post!! i've been fall in love with this kind of bracelet and now i think i can make a customized diy instead buying at store! ^^


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