Sunday, September 16

why I'm not getting the iPhone 5

I have an iPhone 4 and I'm really not going to get the iPhone 5.

Here's why.

  1. iOS interface has not changed for years, literally over 4 years now. Come on Apple, where did all your UI designers go to? It's about time for some change.
  2. Adding one more row of icons, is not revolutionary. It's like me writing one more sentence to my essay that I have to submit for the sake of word count.
  3. Passbook. Cool but it could come in an application.
  4. Panorama shot not supported on iPhone 4? Interesting because Panorama 360 had this app for a while now and it works great on my phone.
  5. Of all things to change ... you change the plug
  6. Last thing. when you see grandparents using it. It's a sign that... its really mainstream...
Had an iPhone, liked it, easy to use but I don't think I can commit to seeing the same thing again for another 2 years. 

I do have to say though, Apple has truly mastered the industrial design of the phone! Slick, high quality, and just love the finishing on it but I can't justify paying for it  :P


  1. I haven't been keeping up with the new iphone 5 news, I didn't even realise it came out already (shameful). I have an iphone 4s and I absolutely loveeee it, but from the sounds of it, the iphone 5 isn't much of a change apart from the design. If i needed a new phone i woul not hesitate getting an iphone because it's so handy, but i wouldnt splash out on a new iphone just because it's the latest version- i thought we are in a recession?! Where do all these people get all their money!

  2. Thanks for the comment! Yeah, I doubt I would pay for something that is similar to my iPhone 4 at the moment :) I have no idea! Its not like the phone is cheap either... it's like a month's rent for some people! Agreed I think my phone is fine as well just on its own! The new Samsung ad is so funny, its doing a complete mock of iPhone 5 :P

  3. I have the iPhone 4 and I really like it, though the battery life could be vastly improved. I'm not impressed with iPhone 5 just from holding it and seeing it in person at the shop today. The only major improvement I can discern is that it's significantly lighter, however the taller screen doesn't interest me and I think the exterior is slightly less appealing than its predecessor.

  4. I know! Exactly, how i feel, it does look nice on the outside but when you open it, its sort of disappointing that it looks the same as my 4 :( Though I have to say all the jokes about the map are quite entertaining! haha

  5. I'm not getting the new iphone either. My 4 is still working fine.
    And that leather jacket is Mackage for Aritzia Kenya. :)

  6. Nice :) I thought about it as well.. but must resist. haha are you from vancouver as well then?


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