Saturday, September 29

I'm on a mission: to wear every piece of article I've purchased

Is this you?
  • Look into your closet full of clothes and you encounter this problem:
    • you always wear the same clothes (usually most recent purchases) and then say, I have nothing to wear! 
    • Have a pile of clothes at home but some even have the price tag on them 
    • Have a pile of clothes that you really have only worn once and that moment you think... "okay why did I buy this?
I can honestly say, that is me. I've probably spent at least $200 or more even, on clothes that I've only worn once or ... not even at all. Sad to say, $200 might even be an understatement.

So I'm on a mission to wear every single piece of clothing and try to style it into something no matter how ugly it is! For some pieces this will be a challenge but I'll try my best. I'd like to call this the closet challenge. 

Ultimately, I think if I spend a bit of time thinking about each piece, I can probably turn it into something.

Here we go! I'll update once a week and insert a few photos here and there. Hopefully, we can get something going on and really turn that closet full of "nothing to wear" to "which one should I wear?" 

September 2012

Wish me luck! 


  1. I think this is a fabulous and smart mission! I too am one of those people who complain to have nothing to wear, when I've got a closet full of clothes. However, I realized that I'm only starting to understand what kind of style I like etc. =) But regardless I have a lot of items I no longer wear/passionate about. I usually take them out and donate them. (200$ is definitely an understatement for me ><)

    You look so pretty and happy in your photo! =)

  2. Thanks!! Same here... I think my style changed as well and I'm starting to buy more staple items rather than some weird ones... Sometimes I look back thinking, why did I buy these shoes?... sigh....I've been looking to buy a peplum skirt or top and it's like one of those... how many times will I actually wear it? haha

  3. I love your mission and it's exactly what I'm doing too : ) Wasting so much money on clothes is a shame and people shouldn't be proud of "chasing the latest trends" and discarding their old clothes so easily! It's totally not easy and I'm constantly tempted to shop but it's a nice challenge : )

  4. aww thanks Lena! Yeah, i think so too so if I buy something I'm sticking to the basics :) Its just so hard to keep up with these trends now or I just modify my own clothing nowadays with buying studs and adding them on :P cheating but hey its cheaper than buying a top for $40.. sometimes I wonder... how are these tops even worth $40.... anyways thanks! I have to admit though I haven't been the best at keeping up with this challenge but I think i'll start on it again! How is your challenge going?

  5. I can sooo relate to this! So lately I've been trying to keep myself from buying anything new no matter how tempting it is to shop! Instead I try to go back to my old clothes, and even revamped some old ones! I had lots of jeans and dresses that I took to the tailor so they can redo the design.


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