Tuesday, September 11

Get the Real Deal for Makeup

For a few years, I've been shopping at for make up at The Bay ( Canada ), Sears (Canada /US), Sephora ( Canada/US) and at Shoppers Drug Mart (Canada). Cosmetic items rarely go on sale, and if they do go on sale they're either a non-selling product, its near the end of its shelf life or the item is discontinued. Make up on sale? Should be iffy!

I used to shop at Sephora earning their 'points' and after chatting with one of my good friends who I call "Hsu" I've learnt that Sephora points is a really terrible system to get you spending and not earning!

Why I normally don't shop at Sephora: 

  1. Sephora points take forever to accumulate! $1 = 1 point ... snail speed! 
  2. Redeem samples when you have 100 or 500 points.. okay wow! I spent $100 or $500 and I get a sample (which Sephora probably gets for free... and those that you can get at any cosmetic counter if you ask) 
The only  reason that I shop at Sephora:
  1. Brands that aren't available elsewhere. Example, Kat von d items, Tarte, Laura Mercier etc
If you really think about it... why am i spending this much when my return is ... a sample. (woohoo....) 

My alternative

Shoppers Drug Mart (Canada) you get on average 30% off , back in cash! Shoppers Drug Mart uses a points system as well.

  • At 8000 points redeem $10, 16000 points redeem $20 etc. Don't be thrown off by these huge numbers, they accumulate really fast if you go on 20x the points day. This special happens almost twice a week. You have to spend at least $50 on that day though but with $50 worth of spending and 20x the points, you get over 12000 points in one go! so you've already got yourself a $10 cash back towards your next purchase! 
  • If  I can wait, I'll wait.  I always think of the things that I want to buy or running out of and I save it all for 20x the points day. Its amazing! You can redeem these points and put it towards cosmetics, food, magazines, books!
  • Overall, with two successful 20x the points day, you've earned yourself close to $30 worth of cash back! 
  • Best of all if you talk to the counter lady for a bit, they'll even give you a few samples! (They are very similar to the ones you 'earn' at Sephora too!) 

What's your favorite store to shop at for great returns?


  1. Great post! I love shopping at Sephora mainly because of their store layout, I love how everything is out in the open and easy for me to grab and check out. I also enjoy their relaxing return/refund system lol However, like you I only really buy brands that I can't buy anywhere else from them though I'm tempted to order Tarte stuff offline because it's so much cheaper. Thanks so much for putting down the shoppers points system, I'm always confused at how that worked lol

  2. No problem :) yaaaa same i like the layout too :) Or theres always Sephora in Seattle ;) slightly cheaper sometimes!


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