Friday, August 3

Fishtail Braid Bracelet with Studs

A friend of mine makes friendship bracelets with studs and they're very detailed! What I'm showing in this blog today is a very simple version of her fancy friendship bracelets only because I'm not very good with braiding things in general so this is definitely something that is manageable by everyone. I created the fishtail braid bracelet with studs. I used a Mint color and a Chocolate Brown Color, I guess it reminded me of Mint Chocolate Chip Ice-cream! Mmmm I want some right now.

Materials you need:

  • Embroidery Threads (available in all sewing / crafts department) 
    • Mint Green: DMC 966
    • Chocolate Brown: DMC 3772
  • Tape 
  • Scissors 
  • Studs (optional)
  • Tweezers for studs (optional)

Step1: Double, Triple, Quad triple your thread! If you want a chunkier look then double it as many times as you need to to create the look. The length of your bunched up thread should be approximately 1.5 to 2 times the length of your desired bracelet length. You want to leave a bit more so you can always adjust the length later. Fold one of the colored threads in half and tie a knot to create a loop. This will be the loop that locks your bracelet when you're wearing it.

Loop Color 1 (bunched up threads) through the loop of Color 2, like the image below. What you want to do is do a fishtail braid around Color 2 (in my case, the brown). To create a fishtail braid, all you need to do is to criss-cross Color 1 over Color 2. You see how the mint wraps around the brown? So you want to keep doing that, bringing the other color forward. 

Step 2: When you think you have a good length, tie a knot at the bottom and your done! What I like about this is that you can create a rope like effect without actually buying a rope and you can customize the colors as well which makes it great for matching your OOTD. 

Cost: $0.50 per color :) so its extremely affordable. 

Optional: Studs
You can add studs to it if you like, for steps to add studs onto fabric (in this case threads) see Steps 4 and 5 from my previous post about DIY Studded Denim Shorts : here

Other bracelets tutorial: 

That's it for today!
Happy Braiding.


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