Tuesday, August 14

Beauty Product: July/August Haul

Since last month, there are a few highlights including receiving my Neutrogena Klout Perk, Victoria Secret Body Lotion and the long awaited Shiseido Ma Cherie Shampoo and Conditioner purchased locally in Vancouver!

July Beauty products haul

Neutrogena All-in-1 Klout Perk: Free
A few weeks ago, my Klout Perk came in the mail. In case you haven't read, I became eligible for one of their perks which was the Neutrogena All-in-1 Skincare perk.  At first I honestly thought this would be a sample size, I mean its completely free including shipping! When I got it in the mail and opened it, I noticed its the full size skincare. The set comes with a facial lotion and a daily scrub. I purposely held off on this review because I actually wanted to try the product first. The purpose of the two products is to clear away old acne scars, cure current acne problems and prevent future breakouts. Basically the all in one as shown on the label.

I've tried the scrub on my face and back for 2 weeks now and I can visibly see the difference. The old acne scars are starting to fade away! I would say that their facial lotion is quite good. I recently had a small pimple and just dabbed a little bit of the lotion on and within two days its completely gone. I would recommend using this sparingly as there are medical products inside this. The sizes I received were the 124mL All-in-1 Daily Scrub and a 28mL Facial Lotion. I would highly recommend these products :) If you are on Klout and have a score of over 40, be sure to claim the perk its absolutely free! (Very rare for Klout perks I find). Each one retails for approximately $11 (USD / CDN) so you're actually getting over $20 worth of product for free and full size as well. Quite generous of Neutrogena I must say.

Victoria Secret Body Lotion: 3/$25
Next up is the Victoria Secret Body Lotion. I recently picked these 3 up at Pacific Place in Seattle. Their current promo is 3/$25 (When are they not that price...) I went around the whole store smelling each one, I think by the end  they all started to smell the same.
I would say all three of the ones I picked are my favorite from the whole store. I prefer scents that are similar to lavender or laundry, just basically something refreshing and not overwhelmingly strong or sweet.

Shiseido Ma Cherie Hair Products - $12.99 CDN each purchased in Vancouver (no shipping)

For the longest time, I have been trying to find these hair products! I didn't want to go to Crystal Mall or to Richmond because knowingly, they'll rip you off because they're "imported". Today, I went to T&T Supermarket in Metrotown (Burnaby, BC) and I saw their newly opened Beauty Corner. I tell you, this is the best place to get Japanese products without the crazy imported pricing. The pricing at T&T are all relatively the same as Sasa.com. The shampoo and conditioner have been out of stock at sasa.com for the longest time and I finally saw them locally! 

The shampoo and conditioner smell like roses. If you like that scent you should definitely give them a try.

Unfortunately, only the Metrotown T&T offers the beauty counter. If you are looking for brands like Dr.Wu. You're in luck because they also carry the famous Dr.Wu BB Cream there as well. 
I'll be writing a review for it once I give this shampoo a try for over one week to see the results. 

I guess we can finally say goodbye to highlight inflated prices :) 

CM for Shiseido Ma Cherie (Chinese version)

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