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Studded Denim Shorts DIY

All over Instagram, Etsy and Magazines are these studded denim shorts. Be it the back pocket decorated, or the front or a both, they retail for about $40+ and if they're "handmade", expect another $10 on top of that price. This tutorial will show you how to make your own denim studded shorts for only $5, given that you have a pair of old jeans or ugly shorts you want to revamp. 

Materials you need:
  • Old shorts or jeans 
  • Pair of fabric scissors 
  • Exacto knife (frayed effect)
  • Pair of tweezers (mine are for brows :P )
  • Studs (at least 60) Source of studs: here 
Step 1: Find an old pair of shorts that you'd like to revamp. I recommend getting a pair that you absolutely would not ever wear again. The ones I have are bluenotes shorts. I honestly have no idea why I bought these 5 years ago... awkward length as well... I remember them as being only $10 though. Time to stud-them-up! 

Step 2: If the pair of denim you have are shorts already, skip to the next step. Otherwise, you would want to cut your shorts/jeans to your desired length. I recommend leaving the back a little bit longer so they don't sit super short on your bum. Then use an exacto knife and brush it against the edge of your trimmed denim to create a frayed look. Pull out the strands that you get. You can scrape it as much as you like depending on how much fray you'd like. For this tutorial I didn't fray it as much since I want the focus to be on the studs rather than the trimming of my shorts. 

 Step 3: Next, grab your pair of fabric scissors again and cut the back pocket, you only need to cut one edge of the pocket to create the folded back look. (Sorry, forgot to snap a photo here).
Grab your studs, notice that the ones I have are the pyramid kinds with a 4 legs. I believe they can also come in just the two leg but I prefer the 4 legged ones to give it that extra security. 

Step 4:  Place the stud where you want it to go and press it through the denim. Becareful of the 4 legs because they are quite sharp. Once they've gone through the denim you want to lock them into place. I personally like to use pliers to bring the legs down a bit or you can use your nails to push them down. 

Step 5: The most important step of this is to make sure that the legs are not sticking out. To make sure they don't stick out, I used a pair of regular tweezers (mine are for brows :P ) and clamp them onto the studs to give it that flat surface. You don't want to press too too hard or else the legs will be pushed too far in and the corners will poke out. If this is on your back pocket, then you'll have quite a painful sitting :( . 

Step 6: I noticed when I was making it, that the flap from the pocket always wants to fold back up, covering the pattern. To prevent that, I used a stud to pin it down. You want to make sure you have a corner of the flap secured under the stud to keep the flap in place. I only did two rows of studs on the back pocket mainly because I'm actually not a fan of things with too much studs on them so I only framed the back pocket. 

The remaining studs were used on the front of the shorts, I created an upside down triangle with the studs just above the pockets. 

The finished product 

It's really easy too make, this took me approximately 1.5 hours to make including the cutting of the shorts so its definitely do-able :) Overall, I spent only around $5 considering the purchase of the studs. 

On a side note, I rebranded the name of my blog to Ouihui , its sort of a cute joke about how people pronounce my last name wrong. 

Give it a try and let me know!

♥ Grace from Ouihui

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  1. that's so pretty! i love it <3 studded shorts are the best. :)



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