Wednesday, July 18

Perks from Klout: Are you in on this?

Lately, I've been on Klout quite a bit. For those who haven't heard of Klout, its like a social analytic review of your online presence across various platforms. It measures your influence across topics, the number of interactions you have through these mediums and gives you a "perk" depending on how influential you are in certain topics. Lately, I've claimed my first perk ever that I've actually found to be a real "perk".

I was eligible for the Neutrogena Rapid Clear All in One Scrub and Daily Lotion. Basically, I just enter my address and they'll have the product shipped to me, with no fee!

Hopefully I'll get this item in the mail soon. I'm not sure what size it is but I'll probably post about it when I receive it.

Klout gives you a little title as well which I found to be quite cute.

Whether or not Klout gives an accurate measure, is questionable. You can read the article about it on Mashable:

At the end of the day, I just want the perk :) There are a few good ones as well that I've seen related to Acura ILX (wish I was influential about cars).

Check it out let me know what you think via comments or Twitter.


  1. This is amazing. I wish I was more influential in specific topics. My Klout score shot up from 30s to 50s overnight (probably because I added every possible account I own?).

    1. :) yep, yah Klout isn't very accurate since its just an aggregate of all your interactions online... I think graduation photos helped with the boost as well. Hopefully you'll be eligible for their upcoming perks related to photography!

  2. thank you for your comment on my H&M Red Jeans! The only other colour I know they do is black and I wouldn't say they are metallic, more like shiny/slippery haha and this website sounds pretty good! :)


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