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Ciaté Caviar Inspired Nail Tutorial for $6

There has been a craze for these caviar nails lately and they retail for around $25 CDN at Sephora. I found the price slightly steep so I decided to create my own version of these nails.  I'll be sharing a bit of my tips and tricks for these as well. 

{Ciate Caviar inspired nails - Varnish: Essie lapiz of luxury  Microbeads: Clear}

Materials required: 
  • Micro beads 
  • Nail Polish
  • A bowl
  • Funnel 
You will need to purchase these microbeads. I purchased mine from Michael's, a local craft store in North America. I actually purchased this for only $6 since I had a 40% off coupon that I downloaded from their website. The pack comes with 6 different colors. I believe there are brighter shades available but they were sold out when I got there. If your nail polish shades are all earth tone/natural color tones, I would recommend this set. I went to Sephora and noticed the microbeads I have in the photos are very similar to the ones in the Ciate Caviar Manicure set.
Recollections Microbead Set in 6

Recollection microbeads from Michael's in 6 shades 

Closer look at the microbeads

Step 1: Apply base coating

I recently decided to purchase this essie all in one base nail treatment since my nails were starting to get yellow from the nail polish that I've been applying. Whether it works on not, I'll probably do a review after I use it for 5 consecutive times. 
essie - all in one base total nail treatment
 You can definitely see that my nails aren't the most healthiest nails out there and after applying one coat it looks a lot shinier than before.
Applied one coat of essie total nail treatment

Step 2: Select and apply nail varnish 

I visited macy's over the last weekend and picked these two colors up for $8 each. I find that essie is a lot cheaper in the states than in Vancouver. Some places are selling essie at $11 which I think is ridiculous for nail varnish considering these do more damage than good to your nails. The cheapest place that sells essie at the moment is probably either Superstore or Walmart and the prices do vary by location and are priced between $8-$9 if you're lucky. 

Left: essie -lapiz of luxury Right: essie - turquoise & caicos 
 I decided to go with the blue shade and clear microbeads.
Keep in mind that these clear microbeads are clear with a tint of a rainbow like shade on them.
essie - lapiz of luxury and clear recollection microbeads
 I personally think essie definitely offers a good selection of colors but I find that the consistency is a bit too coat is very transparent and I would need to put on at least 3 coats to get a good solid color on.
Nails after one coat of essie

Apply at least 2 coats before sprinkling beads on to ensure you have a good solid color in the background. 

Step 3: Applying microbeads

When your nails are around 50% dried, sprinkle on your microbeads onto your nail. Remember to get a bowl to catch the leftovers! I would avoid a plate or anything too flat without a dip because these beads will bounce up a bit. 

Sprinkle the beads all over the nail and gently press down on the beads to secure them in place. You'll most likely find that its quite hard to get them evenly distributed so it does require a few tries to get it just right. Dust off the ones that are hanging or push them into the clutter of beads on your nail. The goal is to get a even distribution of beads on your nails. Wait for your nails to dry and its done! 

Tips and Tricks:
  • I wouldn't recommend using essie for a base coat for these nails or anything that is very runny. I would recommend using the original OPI nail polish or even L'oreal nail polish because they have a thicker consistency. Reason: The microbeads will fall off if your nail polish is too runny/thin.
  • Do not apply a clear coating on top when using colored microbeads even though you may think that applying a clear coat should keep it in place. Reason: The microbeads are actually lightly dyed to give it that color so applying any nail polish on top will actually remove the color from the beads! 
  • Not recommended for long term or days when you have to do a lot of moving or labor work. Reason: I'm not sure if its because of the nail polish I used but I found them to fall off very easily. They're very pretty to look at but they aren't very practical.

If anyone has the original Ciate caviar manicure set, please let me know if the beads stay on and if the consistency of the ciate nail polish is different from essie or OPI.


  1. I agree with you, caviar nails are cute to look at but from what I've heard they don't last very long. Max 2 days even the Ciate ones.

  2. Ya I don't think I would spend $25 for the set and it's so hard to do anything with them if you work. I guess it's good for dinners or for a few hours. So this homemade version will do :)

  3. love it!! sooo cute <3 it looks like alot of work though, but still adorable!

    Hope you have a fab day hun! ~ xx
    Chriissydollxo's Blog

    1. Thanks! yah I do think it's a lot more work than usual but I hear you need nail glue for it to actually stick on for a longer time. are you going to try it ?


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