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Black Chiffon High Low Skirt DIY

I've been walking around the mall lately looking for a black chiffon maxi skirt for a while and I found it either rather expensive or just didn't have my size at all. I decided to make my own black chiffon maxi skirt but with a high low style instead. It's actually quite easy to make and you just need to visit your local fabric store. Total cost including black skirt underneath: $10.

Top: H&M Chiffon/Mesh top in cream. Necklace: DIY , Skirt: DIY High -low Chiffon Black Skirt

The look was inspired by ASOS's Maxi Skirt with Double Split $49.00 USD and I did a little bit of alterations to create this new look.
ASOS Maxi Skirt with Double Split

Materials Required:
  1. At least
  2. 1 meter of Chiffon / Black Mesh with a tight knit. ( I purchased mine from Fabricana at the clearance section for $3) I would recommend getting chiffon than the black mesh because the black mesh will snag so you have to be careful! The chiffon is priced at approx. $6/meter
  3. One set of black snap on button (from local fabric store or Walmart)
  4. A pair of sharp scissors 
  5. A black skirt (Any will do. I purchased mine from H&M on discount for $7)

First things first, you want to cut the fabric (according to how long and your waist size). I folded the fabric like so, essentially its sort of folded like a bandanna. How small you make the tiny triangle depends on how long the tail you want it to be. The longer the tail, the smaller the triangle and vice versa. 

Then you want to pin the two corners of the folded triangle to keep it in place. 
Note: This might take a couple of tries (took me about 20 minutes) just to get the right placement...this take a lot of trial and error unless you want to measure :). I strongly recommend measuring but I decided not to and just eye'd it  You want to try wrapping this around you when you pin it. In the end what you want is the small triangle on the inside and around the back. So think of it as wrapping a bath robe around your waste :)
Fold the fabric like above and adjust the length as desired

Second step is to sew on the little snap on buttons, like the ones on shirts sometimes. I doubled my thread so its long enough. (I'm not great at sewing at all so this may not look very professional). You want sew on each  part of the button to the two corners of where you folded your fabric down. Make sure you don't sew BOTH of the parts on the same side of the fabric because then you'll have an odd part sticking out.
Sew on the front of the snap button
Sew on the back of the snap button (Make sure they are not sewn on the same side of the fabric!)

That's all there really is to the "sewing" part of things! Only two buttons. I would say the hardest part is getting the length right. You might have to trim a bit of fabric here and there.
How it looks in the air

To finish off how the dress actually becomes, you will need a basic black skirt. I purchased mine from H&M during the Canada Day weekend sale for $7. Originally priced at $14.95. Quite a good deal. It sits just above the knee so its work appropriate :) It also came with a black rope belt as well. At the end you just wrap your tailored chiffon piece around the waist, on top of your skirt and there you have a simple high low skirt :)
3 pieces to complete the look: black skirt, your DIY Chiffon Piece and a belt to accessorize
The best part is that you can choose not to wear the chiffon piece on top and you can still keep your black skirt as is so you can get two looks in just a minute. 
Final piece

(Yes, my room was messy so I did a very rough job of cloning my carpet to hide my stash of bags...) 

Please modify this as you wish, this is only an example of what I've done to create this.
Up next will be my DIY Ciate Caviar Nails (posting this next week!)


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