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Technology Favorites May Wrap-up

For the month of May, there have been a quite a few favorites of mine and new discoveries. They range from photography, mobile devices, applications and news.


Camera + (Buy here: App Store)
The application is great for applying filters and effects to your photos. It has a built in image stabilizer in it but I don't find it extremely helpful when taking photos since the shutter speed for the iPhone isn't too terrible. The application features the ability to edit, share, and save your photo onto your camera roll. Some of my favorite filters for this application are Scene: Auto , Effects: Magic Hour, Sunkiss'd, Hipster, Tailfins, and Color Process. What's great about this application is the live viewing feature so you don't need to guess how it looks like or wait for it to be processed. The application also has a built in integration with Twitter and Facebook for direct uploads using Camera +.  The application costs $0.99 and you won't regret it.
Camera + , Auto and Tailfin filter

Oh the lovingly popular Instagram. This application provides live viewing similar to Camera+ with a lot of filters to choose from. The difference from Instagram and Camera + is the ability to share your photos with an online community which is solely contributed from Instagram users. Since most people know how the filters look like. I'll be showing a list of popular tags to give it that extra boost in the community.
  1. #tweegram 
  2. #instagood 
  3. #love 
  4. #iphonesia
  5. #photooftheday
  6. #instamood
  7. #me
  8. #iphoneonly
  9. #cute
  10. #instadaily

I find that a lot of times people misuse tags and it really ruins the vibe of the community. Tags I enjoy using are #instadaily #tweegram #instagood #nails #instagood #iphone4. Although these tags give your photos that extra exposure, its important to keep it relevant. 

Pixlr-o-matic (Chrome Store, Facebook, iOS, Android)
This is one of my new found favorites. There are probably 23456789 photography applications for your phone but this one works well on your computer which is why I love it even more. Its great when you want to edit a few photos without pulling out Photoshop. 

I've uploaded a photo from the Coldplay Concert and instantly you could see the whole spectrum of filters availble to use. The dial indicates the stage you are in their 3 step process. First step is filter application, then  and overlay graphic, followed by border options.

What I love most about this web application is the immense amount of photo filters there are! There are literally over 40 filters to choose from. The fact that you can use it on your computer gives it that added bonus for easy navigation and avoids all that swiping with your finger.

Mobile Device

I'm currently using the iPhone 4 and I find that a lot of the applications aren't as smooth and fast as before. Probably because a lot of the applications require a lot more RAM and processing power nowadays. I've been thinking if I should forgo my iPhone for an HTC One X.

What I love about this phone is the matted backing finish versus the classic glossy finish. The phone has beats audio as well which gives it that extra audio benefit when you're listening to a few tunes. The specification that makes me wonder is why is everywhere in the world selling the Quad core model and Canada is selling the Dual core model. It really makes me wonder...

Overall, I've read a few reviews and found this phone to be quite good for whats out there in the market at this moment. Photo capabilities are great, the supported OS is Android Icecream Sandwich and will support further upgrades. 

The down size of this phone is the size. A few friends are saying the phone is the right size but I personally would like my phone to fit in any of my pockets and I'm finding this phone slightly larger than what I expect. Otherwise, I think its definitely a great phone and of course I'll be awaiting the WWDC happening later this month for any new upgrades about the iPhone and iOS. 

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