Friday, June 15

From old to new [ Bracelet , Necklace, iPhone case]

Chunky gold necklace and bracelets: Recycle Series

I was looking around the house and came across a whole bunch of old jewelry that belonged to my mom. In there there are a bunch of gold chains, pearls and chunky chains of all sort. These things probably dated back at least 20 years ago. Go through some of your parents' old stuff and you'll probably find a few things here and there.

 I found a few things that could be used  and is generic enough and give it a slightly modern spin. I found a plain gold chain necklace and a few chunky links. I decided to combine the to and created a new bracelet.
The best thing about making your own bracelet is you can adjust the size to your wrist and you never have to worry about it being too tight or too loose.

I used a pair of pliers to pry open some of the links from the plain gold chain as you can see below. This way I used the links to join pieces together. From the images below, you can see below, I placed a link onto an existing chain to double it up to give it more weight.

After a few reorganization of links, here we have a new bracelet. I highly recommend using an old bracelet or necklace just so you don't have to purchase a jewelry fastener with the matching color. 
Anchor and Gold chain DIY Bracelet : View Anchor DIY Bracelet tutorial.

15 minute bracelet DIY

I also found another chain from that pile and a brooch. I never really know... when to wear a brooch so I decided to turn it into a necklace. I simply used a chain and looped it around the back where the actual pin is and used spare gold links to secure the necklace into place so the brooch ( now the pendant) doesn't fly around the chain. I find those quite annoying at times.
DIY Triangle cluster necklace

DIY Triangle cluster necklace: Close up

Etsy inspired studded iPhone case

I found a new project and created this little iPhone case. For a while, my iPhone has been case less simply because I can't find one I really like or that's different from others. I was browsing on Etsy and found this iPhone case. I couldn't really justify it being $24 since it could be easily hand made and decided to create my own version. 

Etsy: White Pyramid Case $24 USD
I purchased a grey translucent case from the Richmond Night Market for $3 CDN and purchased these vintage matted studs from SUSSMANS on Etsy. I highly recommend this site when you're looking for studs. They are reasonably priced for what you get. The studs came to around $5 CDN making my total iPhone case only $8. The pack comes in a 24 and I used all 24 studs and tiled them up. I used a type of super glue to make sure that it doesn't fall off. I would avoid using a glue gun only because its not thin enough and will cause studs to be unevenly raised.  
DIY Gold Studded iPhone Case

 Give it a try. I found the hardest part to be gluing it since the super glue I was was extremely sticky and tried within 10 seconds it was quite hard to align it. I would recommend getting a non shiny plastic case so you can draw a grid of some sort. I found eyeing this to be quite challenging and took slightly longer than I had anticipated.

:) Good luck!


  1. The bracelet looks amazing! I can't believe you made all those yourself! I'm too lazy to do that! haha ;-)

    1. Thanks! oh not its not much really :) A lot of it is just a bit of gluing and using pliers. love your blog by the way and the outfits and things you have on there!

  2. Hey Grace! Thank you for your wonderful comment! I wish I'm as creative as you! xoxoxo

  3. you are so creative! i love your blog posts about jewelry, im officially obsessing over them ;D lol <3

    Hope you have a fab day hun! ~ xx
    Chriissydollxo's Blog

    1. Thanks Christine :) haha You can make them too they're quite easy to make or dig up your parent's old accessories. Works quite well.


  4. omg the triangle cluster necklace is so cooL!

  5. Thanks Lauren :) Yeah, I was lucky I found it in my mom's stash of old stuff :P Thanks for visiting!

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