Wednesday, May 23

Nautical Necklace to Bracelet in 20 minutes

I'm sure a lot of your relate to having a lot of necklaces with a single pendant on it. Of course, that pendant goes out of style or you don't like it anymore. I have the same problem. I found this nautical themed necklace which I got from Forever21 at least 3 years ago and it's been collecting dust for quite some time now so I've decided to give it a little makeover. Below you can see the final product. I actually didn't intend on taking photos of the whole process since I wasn't sure how it will turn out. Please bare with me.

New anchor bracelet - Cost Absolutely free <3

I found an old necklace, the fact that there are 3 pieces to it makes it perfect for modification since I can use the loop rings from them to tie parts of the chain together. I found that the length of this necklace was way too long so I decided to double it up.
Old anchor necklace from forever21 (dated 3 years back)
Pliers - to pry open the loop rings

The only tool I used to create this new bracelet was a simple pair of pliers to loosen up the loop rings to take the pieces of accessories off from the entire piece.

[This is where I didn't take photos] I basically took the two chains and doubled each of them up separately and joined them together with a loop ring (the spare parts from the necklace) and looped the hook on it as well. Together, I used two loop rings to "fold and hold" each of the chains down to double it up and another one for the hook. The whole process took less than 20 minutes including my thinking and doing as I go. 

Note that the latch and the two chains are looped together with one loop ring (ties it all together nicely)

Here is the finished piece. The back is a collection of 4 chains (from the doubled up step earlier) to give it more weight since a tiny chain will look too simple. 

Back of the finished bracelet
Front of the finished bracelet

I was looking for a place to latch the hook onto and just so happens, the anchor has a small notch at the bottom right, perfect for the hook to latch onto. I took advantage of it and this is how the bracelet looks like. 

This is a simple bracelet made from a necklace that I found, I have another rose one as well and perhaps I'll do the same to that one until a new inspiration comes!


  1. i love it! so pretty :) im so addicted to nautical jewelry, your pearl bracelet is gorgeous as well :D

    Hope you have a fab day hun! ~ xx
    Chriissydollxo's Blog

    1. Thanks Christine! Sadly the pearl one isn't made by me but I'll try to make something like that for next time!

  2. I'm so drawn to nautical themed things. This looks great as a bracelet. :)


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