Monday, May 21

May 2012 Long Weekend Haul

It's a long weekend here in Canada and so I've done a little bit of shopping and took advantages of a few sales around town. I also traveled to Seattle last weekend, so this post will include a bit of products that I've picked up from there. 

♥ for technology comment : I've usually been a Wordpress girl and trying out Blogspot for the first time. The UI looks good, the functionality of it is sleek and bug free. Of course, products from Google have always been user friendly. I might end up permanently moving here once I can transfer my Wordpress content to Blogspot. First of all, I really like how this is all free and the functions are amazing, scheduling got me. I love scheduling posts (including Twitter) because it gives you to target your posts to a certain geographical area based on time zones and also gives you a peace of mind. Love the toolbar and the toggle between compose and HTML setting. I've also read that Blogspot uses HTML5 and jquery for endless posting and transition purposes. Simply put, great user interface, user experience and functionality. 

Back to business. I've visited several places in the last week and here are a few things I've purchased. 

Weekend Haul May 12 - May 20 

Forever 21 - $8 USD 

Walked around Forever 21 and found this top for only $8! Quite a good deal I must say. It fits nicely and its cheap. 

Jacob nail polish - Sunny Capri. -$3 CAD after 40% off 
I was purchasing a pair of dress pants and came across this. Compared to OPI it doesn't paint as smooth. The texture isn't as great as I thought, so I had to paint a coating of clear nail polish to give it a shinier effect. The color in store appears to be a lime green, but when I painted it on my nails it turned into a bright yellow. The fact that it was on sale made it worth it. 

Jacob Nail Polish - Sunny Capri Bottle

 Clarisonic mia - Nordstrom $120 USD

Visited Nordstrom in Seattle and came across this. I've always thought of purchasing this and decided to actually buy it. It works quite well on my skin which is normal to sensitive. I'd like to think of this as a huge electric toothbrush where you can change the brush from time to time. This is great for removing make up and getting rid of oil, dust and dirt from your face. I really love the charger, it snaps on magnetically so you don't have to worry about getting the body wet. It's safe for showers as well! I believe this comes in a variety of color but only pink was sold at Nordstrom. You can also get this at Sephora as well.

Michael Kors - Black Patent Pumps $96 USD

Everyone needs a pair of black pumps. I've been looking around for some time now and I came across these at the Michael Kors store at Pacific Mall. It's got a patent finish to it and it's quite comfortable. I especially like the back with the two gold logos. They really stand out when you're wearing them and your legs look longer from the back as well. 

Zara - Colored Denim $40 CAD

Colored denim seem to be the trend so I picked this up. My first pair was actually lime green and it encountered a small accident in the wash when the color came out and I was left with patches of white denim which was the base color. I took that pair back to Zara and they were able to do a generous exchange for me. I haven't thrown these ones in the wash yet, hopefully the color doesn't come out from them.

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